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  1. From my side: almost all builds are great. My personal criteria: don't vote for myself, don't vote for clones (especially fender clones). so only one meets all criterias.
  2. Hi! Dmitry Sushkov here and I proudly present the Wahlgaard mk. II - a 9 strings electric guitar made for Ragne Wahlquist of Heavy Load band, Swedish heavy metal pioneers. The purpose of second build is some design and functional improvements after playing some concerts with first one, which I posted here some time ago. Main improvement is shorter scale for better behavior of first .007" string, originally supposed to tune in Ab. But we're also updated the look with more inlays and new custom designed top lock. This build took me whole year 2019. Most of the time was spent on inlay j
  3. Arrived. Together with her 2 years older sister at home.
  4. Thank you! One more pic while preparing detailed and ilustrated story.
  5. Waterproof molded SKB iSeries case interior update to perfectly fit the Wahlgaard for safest journey to its owner Ragne Wahlquist.
  6. It's not me. It's Jan Janson Kudinov. Hope today I'll have some time to capture couple DI samples. Hard case interior is still in progress but tomorrow i need to send it to the customer.
  7. Those aren't separate details. It's 3d routing into the wood.
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