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  1. i can solder pretty well and i have a multimeter around here somewhere is there a few things i can check to help fix this as i want to play my guitar! and i got it off ebay (it was listed as perfect so something might have happended in transit) so yeah is tehre like things i should check with the multimeter to see if there s anosrt or now please help thank you
  2. so i get my new explorer with duncans annnnd the pickup is REALLY quiet about 5% of the neck one. heres the pictures of the inside of the little compartment http://www.mcccxxxvii.com/up/explorer/ if any of you could tell me what the deal is and if i can fix anything on my own with out shelling out the money for it to get professionally done id appreciate it greatly i think theres 2 volume and one tone becuase 2 have the same ingravings on the back and one is different help
  3. No way I'm not that kind of guy, I just want people to be like "o0o0o0o0 gibson explorer". But in my head I'll be sad its not
  4. How can I get rid of the Epiphone decals and put on a Gibson one. This is for my Epi Explorer Gothic. Thanks
  5. If a guitar has a cavity (or what looks to be a cavity) for a FR, but there is no hole in the back of the guitar for springs or anything, would there be a way to put either a FR or some other tremolo in there with out having to route a cavity, or fill the hole? Thanks
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