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  1. I have picked out a electric guitar kit. It's 140 dollars and comes with everything except the lacquer or dye. Which is fine except I've seen 1 can of lacquer at Stewart mac go for 18 plus dollars so that something I'll have to look into. I'll let you all know when it's shipping to my place and I hope to keep you all updated on how my build goes.
  2. I'll take that into consideration
  3. Lmii sells practice sides for bending and a practice wood for the front of the guitar. Yes it be nice to have a lasting guitar. However, I need something to gain experience. So when I do spend over 200+ dollars it will be something nice.
  4. I did come across lmii.Com and there pretty cheap on there stuff so I'll also browse on therequest site for wood and stuff
  5. I look at acoustic guitar kits and I can't find to many of them and the 1s I do find are out of my price range However, I found lots of electric guitar kits. I might just get 1. Unless any one has a special link that sells acoustic guitar kits
  6. I'm looking at acoustics and I'll look in to kits. I never thought about those. Thanks
  7. I've play guitar for the passed couple years and I thought it be a cool project to build 1 and if I enjoy it enough I'll turn it into a hobby However, I watched a couple YouTube videos and these guys have all these jigs 1 guy had a cnc machine that pretty much gave up all my hopes. Then I found "Building a guitar in my kitchen" which is a very helpful link however I would like to have more than 1 link to rely on. Another issue I looked at all the wood I would need to build an acoustic guitar and it's expensive I've looked at Stewart Mac Donalds website and Allied Luthiers and I can easily rack up 200+ dollars. I would like to keep it around 100 to 150 dollars for my first guitar. Obviously have it look and sound decent, but under 150 to 100 dollars for everything. -I would like to know various places to buy all my guitar building supplies for under 150 bucks -I would like to know more than 1 method for various step on building an acoustic guitar. -I would like to know various jigs and such you guys use that I can build and won't cost a fortune. (Remember this is my first guitar) Thank you for your time and advice in advance DTA
  8. I personally like the brand name "Big Stubby" when I buy picks. There thicker they indenting on each side for your fingers there rather expensive for picks though. I do recall they cost around 10 dollars for 4 of them. If you managed to make some of those picks with that design and they where cheaper, you could probably sell them.
  9. I've been playing guitar for a couple years now and figured it be a fun project to build 1 and if I enjoy it enough, I might turn it into a hobby. However I've look into Stewart Macdonald's website and Allied Luthiers and I notice how expensive all this stuff is. I personally would like to build an acoustic guitar. However at the 2 websites I've mentioned I can easily rack up 200+ dollars. Is there any way to build an acoustic guitar from scratch that doesn't sound terrible or look terrible for under 100 dollars or so. Another issue I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to build an acoustic guitar and these guys are using all these jigs and calibers and such, where do I start? I've found "Build a guitar in your kitchen", it's a very informative blog however if I'm going to spend 100+ dollars on building a guitar I would like to rely on more than 1 sorce. Thank you in advance for all your helpful answers. DTA
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