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  1. You spend all that time and a shit load of money building a guitar,( Warmoth Body & Neck) And sometimes you wonder is it all worth it.. lol. I FINALLY plugged it in for the first time tonight.. Just AMAZING !!!! And yes i have a few more things like the custom head stock decal. which going to be named " Sleeper " Road warn strat. maded to look old ( You old guys know what im talking about Looks stock until you look very close and under the hood.. lol ) And string guides. But it turns out to be a strat on steroids. Just AMAZING !!!
  2. Building a warmoth road worn strat, with all the button and whistles . Looking for a website to make me a custom head stock decal. Its going to be called "Sleeper". And info would be great.
  3. Thank you for the info. I bought the right bridge. My bridge was to big for the build..
  4. Hello guys!! Hoping you guys can help me a little bit. Im been looking all over the internet on how to line up to drill holes for my strat bridge. But come up short.. I have put on top and bottom E string, just see if i can line it up. I can get the low E string inline center of the poles on pickups, Then my high E string will not be in the center of the poles. Really dont understand that... Can anybody give me any info? I have got 1. Stat body and neck ( Warmoth ) 2. Fender 62 reissue vintage bridge 3. Fender Hot N3 noiseless Pickups 4. Vintage Tuning Heads O and another questio
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