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  1. Hello, i bought a graphite nut off ebay and fitted it to my guitar. i have included a picture of the strings fitted into the nut. i watched a video of fruda , this guy he talks about the string going into the nut some distance and a certain shape of nut slot. then i watch dan erlwine and he mentions something else, then someone else says something different. i have fitted my cheap strat tremolo instead of the floyd. i tried to measure the distance between the string and first fret. i wont mention the distance as that is apparently and opinion. i do the third fret pres
  2. Hello i have a knock off cheap chinese strat trem taht i want to use for dive bombing type stuff. i have locking tuners and a graphite nut (which i hope wont require lub). i have heard that you can adjust the strength of hte springs to making the trem a little easier to use. not tighten the springs by turning screws. i want the trem flat not floating. but turning the screws to tighten the springs makes the trem difficult to use. not like a floyd which feels really light to use. does the fitting of the springs matter, some are straight some diagonal, some have three springs some four, some
  3. Hello, I have had a few problems with my guitar. i have finished the build and it seems to work fine so onto setup. i did the following straigthen neck fit new strings shimmed neck to lower action, i fitted two pieces of card that cover half the neck pocket closest to the bridge, this may give a slight angle to the neck. it lowered the action and caused some string and fret buzz. i then noticed that the strings were different height and learnt that the saddles were numbered. i had one (1) three (2) and two (3). the (1) was the heightest but i measured them and t
  4. Hello, i have now built my first guitar, problem is the action is very high. i did not know about checking the height of the bridge at lowest setting and routing the neck pocket accordingly. the bridge is a chinese floyd rose and i have not recessed into the body. i just want to use the bar to go down not up and i heard this causes less issues with tuning. should i shim the neck to bring action down? or is there some other way. any suggestions on next move? also, how do i change the height of the individual strings? they seem to be at different heights. thanks simon
  5. Hello, recently i bought a cheap kit off ebay for cleaning and repair. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guitar-Fret-Crowning-File-Rocker-Luthier-Tool-Kit-Fingerboard-Protector-6Pcs-set/254619917862?hash=item3b48879e26:g:mHAAAOSweMNe3aXs the stones were broken as when they were posted through the letter box and not protected by bubblewrap, they smashed when hitting the floor. i can still use them to some extent. are th stones any good for polishing? i want to clean the gunk off the fret board. i have bought dunlop polish and lemon oil. not looking into it properly i dont know if
  6. new discord link https://discord.gg/NZKDWB5 thanks
  7. Hello, I like a chat with like minded people and having used discord in a few subjects thought that there might be a guitar server. there is, at https://discord.gg/U4RZTeJ if anyone else wants to join that would be great! all the best simon
  8. do you have a web site that talks more about your set up/where you are? any youtube presence? thanks, really nice guitars simon
  9. Hello, i have thought about making my own truss rods and wanted to learn a little more about brazing. i have watched a few videos and it looks similar to soldering which i can do well enough. i was thinking about making truss rods that bend both ways and have ordered a left handed thread die. i have some metal working skills but not brazing. anyone made this sort of truss rod? what materials did you use? b and q do rods and bar that seems quite cheap, which will immediately trigger a lot of quality responses. also, i am not sure of length required for a truss rod. any help would be g
  10. Hello, i bought a second hand guitar the other day, a shine stratocaster. it has 24 frets and a floyd rose. i have managed, i think, to set up the floyd rose some what successfully as it was not holding tune at all before. the strings are old and i will change them but i want to do more. the frets have clear gaps under them, i have not yet got my notched straight edge but ordered one. i have a soft faced hammer for the frets and i am going to make a caul to sit the neck on. 1. should i remove the neck from the body to hammer the frets or is it ok to leave it on? 2. i want a low
  11. Hello, new to this and struggling. i have an oak wood body and it has these nasty gaps in it. i was thinking about using a regular wood filler i bought from lidl to fill it and then sand down. i started sanding using a grinder and 120 grit but that started to affect the shape of the guitar and i think i may have to go and roundover the edges again. i would like to paint this guitar so what is the best method. i have to finish shaping and sanding it smooth. i am guessing an orbital is better than a grinder? round over before that though. then paint with spray paint. are other woods this aw
  12. i have since been able to get it where i want it. drilled the holes and fitted the neck so now it sits where i wanted it to go. i just have a few unsightly gaps that are bothering me
  13. i was checking it against fret spacing of the other necks that i have. i bought this template from a british shop online, wont name him but i think he sells poultry as well. i dont want to slag him off as that is not the case. just curious what is going on with my template. i have one notch that is for a zero fret.
  14. hey curtisa thanks for the reply, i was comparing it to the other guitar necks that i have just to see if they match, which they don't, except my bc rich. i just found that odd and thought that maybe the necks i have are not correct in some way.
  15. Hello i bought a 25 1/2 inch and 24 3/4 inch fret cutting template. it does not match the guitar neck that i have. i thought that i would check it against a few necks that i have. one is cheap chinese banana head stock, another is a stagg strat, these do not match the template. the bc rich 24 fret neck does though. does this template only work for 24 fret necks because i would only really like 22 frets. i am thinking that maybe this wont work?
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