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  1. Hello Drak, Thanks for the response. Emulsion in the UK is called "latex" in the states, I believe. However, I am no longer interested in spraying emulsion, I have tried it and do not like the results. I tried the emulsion as I thought that being thick it would fill small scratches and dents. I thought that primer would do this also. I would like to build and provide a surface to adhere to. The primer mentions filling pores which is one thing that drew my attention. Something to help the paint stick is also good. I would like to use water based products as they seems cheaper an
  2. hello i have an electric hvlp gun that i would like to use to spray finishes. i have tried emulsion which is a little too thick and difficult to spray. i have seen primer and undercoat by no nonsense, which seems quite good for the money and amount that you get. is primer thick like emulsion? i have looked at the chemicals in them and they both have somethign called "BIT" but not to sure about the other chemicals. i would like to spray the primer but not sure if it would be too thick like the emulsion. anyone use this primer before? no nonsense primer and undercoat 2.5 litres f
  3. thansk for the response, what size blade and teeth number would be best for cutting a scarf joint please?
  4. hello i recently got a second hand burgess bbs20 table top bandsaw. with a thin blade, i think it is about 6mm. i tried cutting a straight line through some scrap and got a poor response. the blade twisted and wobbled through it. it seems to only have one speed. i am not sure what i can do about it. i dont want to have to buy another band saw. is this not capable of the job?
  5. Hello, I bought an electric HVLP spray gun and am trying to learn to spray with it. I have an oak body that I am trying to spray. I have managed to grain fill it now painting. I thought that emulsion would be a good option as it is cheap and would maybe work as a primer. Also read somewhere that it can fill small cracks and dents. I tried spraying it on and it seemed ok. I thought that I would do a second coat and that cracked on drying. I have just tried to fill the cracks with a third coat and that seems to have done nothing. I am trying to make do with low cost products. I have managed
  6. hello, i recently sold an amp that i had, watson xb15 watt bass amp. i took it roiund to the guy and sold it for £8, he plugged in the amp and wanted to try it which i thought was fine as i believed it worked. i put my guitar through it and it seemed fine. the video shows some distortion but i thought that was due to the amp being right up. i dont know much about bass amps and thought that the guitar was sounding different because of different circuitry. when he plugged in his bass it sounded as though the amp was cutting out as soon as he started playing. he said that he hadnt playe
  7. Hello, so now i am embarking on what i expect to be a treacherous journey, to build a guitar neck. i have the headstock shape, a pre cut fretboard and truss rod. i have some scrap practice wood which i will use for a test run. i heard that black plastic is used on some guitars and i would prefer something that does not chip easily. ABS seems to be a popular one. i was thinking more about free recycled plastic. icecream tubs are made of a flimsy plastic and usually white. i was thinking about a black plastic. anyone here used anything like that? not having any income at the moment i dont w
  8. hello i recently bought and recieved today five bits of maple, 4 that are 58 x 18 x 600 long and 1 that is 58 x 18 x 760 mm long. i paid £30 for this, is that a good deal? i havent looked around at local lumber yards, i live in the uk so b and q is the closest and they sell crap. # this wood is the right width, i want to have a 56 mm at thickest and 43mm at the nut because i have pre cut fretboards. i am thinking about the headstocks though, i want an angled headstock and so would have to do a scarf joint. i was thinking that i may be able to get four necks out of these five pieces.
  9. Hello, i bought a graphite nut off ebay and fitted it to my guitar. i have included a picture of the strings fitted into the nut. i watched a video of fruda , this guy he talks about the string going into the nut some distance and a certain shape of nut slot. then i watch dan erlwine and he mentions something else, then someone else says something different. i have fitted my cheap strat tremolo instead of the floyd. i tried to measure the distance between the string and first fret. i wont mention the distance as that is apparently and opinion. i do the third fret pres
  10. Hello i have a knock off cheap chinese strat trem taht i want to use for dive bombing type stuff. i have locking tuners and a graphite nut (which i hope wont require lub). i have heard that you can adjust the strength of hte springs to making the trem a little easier to use. not tighten the springs by turning screws. i want the trem flat not floating. but turning the screws to tighten the springs makes the trem difficult to use. not like a floyd which feels really light to use. does the fitting of the springs matter, some are straight some diagonal, some have three springs some four, some
  11. Hello, I have had a few problems with my guitar. i have finished the build and it seems to work fine so onto setup. i did the following straigthen neck fit new strings shimmed neck to lower action, i fitted two pieces of card that cover half the neck pocket closest to the bridge, this may give a slight angle to the neck. it lowered the action and caused some string and fret buzz. i then noticed that the strings were different height and learnt that the saddles were numbered. i had one (1) three (2) and two (3). the (1) was the heightest but i measured them and t
  12. Hello, i have now built my first guitar, problem is the action is very high. i did not know about checking the height of the bridge at lowest setting and routing the neck pocket accordingly. the bridge is a chinese floyd rose and i have not recessed into the body. i just want to use the bar to go down not up and i heard this causes less issues with tuning. should i shim the neck to bring action down? or is there some other way. any suggestions on next move? also, how do i change the height of the individual strings? they seem to be at different heights. thanks simon
  13. Hello, recently i bought a cheap kit off ebay for cleaning and repair. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guitar-Fret-Crowning-File-Rocker-Luthier-Tool-Kit-Fingerboard-Protector-6Pcs-set/254619917862?hash=item3b48879e26:g:mHAAAOSweMNe3aXs the stones were broken as when they were posted through the letter box and not protected by bubblewrap, they smashed when hitting the floor. i can still use them to some extent. are th stones any good for polishing? i want to clean the gunk off the fret board. i have bought dunlop polish and lemon oil. not looking into it properly i dont know if
  14. new discord link https://discord.gg/NZKDWB5 thanks
  15. Hello, I like a chat with like minded people and having used discord in a few subjects thought that there might be a guitar server. there is, at https://discord.gg/U4RZTeJ if anyone else wants to join that would be great! all the best simon
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