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  1. Had a small amount of free time last night and my electronics had arrived in the last couple days so thought I'd do the wiring harness. Here is my drawing based off different diagrams and images around the internet. And a few photos of it all done. Pickup wired in to test everything by holding the pickup up to the strings of one of my other guitars.
  2. I do mine exactly the same way. I haven't come across a better method that is affordable.
  3. Any guitars that I can't find plans for, like doing this partially modified Rick, I just draw up the plans and I've actually been drawing up a plan in Illustrator for the Malcolm Young Gretsch. I've already drawn the BC Rich Eagle plan. I have plans for the Starcaster and PRS already that I found online.
  4. The first one I did was a rewind of a Tele Neck Pickup that was DOA but I'd had it laying around for so long it was too much hassle to return and it was good practice I've done these two for this build obviously. Next I have 3 strat pickups to wind for my strat build that I'm doing alongside this build. After that I have a number of guitars I'd like to build with humbuckers (BC Rich Eagle, a Fender Starcaster and a PRS) and I'd also like to do a Malcolm Young Gretsch which has a Filtertron. So potentially I may wind the pickups for all of those.
  5. Do you mean how will I finish the Aluminium? For the tailpiece I'll probably just polish it. The toaster covers I bought are chrome so no finishing required. The baseplates I'll sand smooth as you can see in the photos above, I won't bother polishing them because they'll never be seen.
  6. I finished making the first baseplate this morning. I charged the magnets and assembled the first one.
  7. Yeh that's a good suggestion. I have some thin pieces left over from another project which may do the job.
  8. Two toaster bobbins wound, hookup wires soldered and wax potted. I've started making the baseplate for the pickup cover but when I put the pickup together I'll need to put a little bit of foam or something inside to keep the bobbin from moving around.
  9. Thanks mate. I hope to really get stuck into this build and my other build which is a Strat that I'm doing with all Australian timbers. And I still need to paint the Tele. Not enough hours in the day.
  10. So I finished up the other part of the tailpiece. Having now made the two parts I know that they are looking ok and I'll mock everything up again when I make the working templates out of thicker MDF. I'll probably remake them both for the actual guitar as there are a couple of errors. I put too small of a radius on the curve of the retaining bracket which means the harp is not moving freely enough when the two pieces are together and I had a few holes that wandered a bit from centre when they were drilled (that'll teach me for being lazy and not using a centre
  11. It's been a while since I've posted because I've been occupied with other life stuff but I got a chance to get back into some guitar stuff and start making the tailpiece.
  12. I made a slight edit to the bobbin design. Printed Assembled Checking the layout and fit of pieces before making the harp and finishing the templates.
  13. Here's an update on the few things I've done so far. As I couldn't find any plans floating around the internet I drew my own in Illustrator. I've printed these and will start making templates in the next couple of weeks. I was able to get a couple of replica toaster covers off eBay. I picked up one of the Allparts Rick Style Bridges which I'll make new aluminium saddles for to suit the 12 string. I sourced some Alnico 2 1/4" Rod Magnets for the pickups. And I drew the toaster bobbin parts in Illustrator as well. Fortunately I actually
  14. Hi all, I've been lurking in the background and marvelling at all of the builds that people are doing. I'm in the home stretch my first build which is this double f hole thinline t type. Just needs sanding and finishing. So I thought I'd start a thread here for my next build which is going to be a Rickenbacker 330/12 String but the neck width will be the same as the 660/12 neck. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone on here.
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