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  1. well downlaoded fusion 360- begin lesson in it next week via skype and got 2d plans of prs mcarty, ibanez js , jem77, LP, tele, tele slimline, strat wpeavey wolfgang and a multiscale 6 string turning up so will spend a few months putting them onto fusion then modifying what i want to mdify on them too. Spoke To David Fletcher to at Fletcher Handcrafted and going to start out with a a basic tele from Padouk to begin with.
  2. mate I will be- 1 sending all materials in advance and having them checked over. 2. have all CAD plans designed and sent and checked for compatibility with their CNC inccluding if needed test blanks made out of MDF 3.Be organsied and am an ex carpenter so i tend not to waste time at all. How did you find the overall expereince and are you able to share your creations?
  3. So I'm Australian based and looking at heading to Crimson guitars for a 3 month build course next year. This is one of those once in a lifetime things you do. Being left handed I've never had access to some of the guitars I want. Which brings me to this - I plan to make a Telecaster (chambered in walnut), an Ibanex Jem77 and an Ibanez JS model. I want to take advantage of their new stoney CNC for machining inlay and the bodies and necks. Since I will have lots of time to develop CAD skills and find something suitable to work with their CNC should I get 2d plans and start modelling? Look for existing plans to modify? Is modelling as simple as developing or finding right handed and 'flipping' the image? Which program would I use? Sorry for such a broad ranging question but with 6-12 months in advance to nail this I think I've left myself enough time.
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