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  1. I read on the internet that you are supposed to slot your fretboard first and then radius it and I am doing a fairly flatter radius (16 or 17 inches) and was wondering, do I slot first, then glue my fretboard on then radius?
  2. What would be a measurement for that? I got medium stew mac fret wire as well if that will help with measurements for you
  3. I am attempting my first ever neck from the ground up and need to cut fret slots. I have the stew mac japanese fret saw and depth stop. However, how much do I set my fret stopper to the depths that a fret will seat? I am doing a 17 inch radius so fairly flat. I heard half the thickness of the board for fret cutting but I don't know. I consulted trade secrets and that kind of helped me.
  4. So I am going to thin it down with isopropyl alcohol, will it then be able to penetrate the wood? And will the wood grain (my guitar has a flame veneer on it) still show after thinning said paint?
  5. so can I still use it if I thin it down?
  6. I got black and brown oil paint for wood to finish my kit guitar but they're both thick and goopy looking oil paints. I read that you can use rubbing alcohol to thin oil paint, so will that thin it and will it be able to stain without like ruining it and not showing the figuring?
  7. I am doing sort of a honey burst and put the general honey color (its wood stain, pecan color I think) and then a black border which goes into a dark red and then it fades into the honey! I have to thin the paint cause its oil and its thick so I have to thin it with isopropyl alcohol and we can start staining! Here is the guitar so far: Staining my kit! https://imgur.com/gallery/OfWo3mP
  8. They have people for specific needs, but I feel like doing one thing for 8 hours a day, 40 a week would just make me hate it. My eye doctor has a nephew who works at PRS and he's a sander and she says he loves it. I still gotta look around
  9. The guy who started .Strandberg* guitars started on here!?!?!? Wow!
  10. I got some stain (just one simple color, I think brown) and I'm gonna go over it with tung oil and then I have to solder everything and put everything together and boom! First guitar kit!
  11. This really reminds me of a quote from Paul Reed Smith of PRS guitars where he said "Everything that touches the string is god" and that was from a ted talk of his and everything has an effect on the way things sound. Overseas and import guitars use cheaper materials and pot metals. The nut on your import guitar is probably the same material your PVC pipes that connect to your sump pump are made of! I noticed that import guitars use lighter materials like zinc and other cheap pot metals just don't add anything, they subtract. Paul also said guitars are subtractive instruments, when we add some
  12. I received a LOT of tools from stew mac this morning and the fret scale template is a charm to work with. My actual neck shaping template is a tiny bit short ('62 strat neck template) and I wanted 24 frets so I measured from the nut with my template and ruler and I can have 24 frets!
  13. I am torn between either luthiery just being a hobby or making it into a career. I could work at PRS guitars since I live 45 minutes away from it, but I want to make money so I can thrive in life. What is my best path?
  14. Unlike with acoustic guitars with bracings and sound bars and bass bars and sound posts, there isn't much like that on an electric guitar. However, I go by Paul Reed Smith's logic and evidence of how wood affects tone in reference to electric guitars. His 21 rules of tone really interest me and I crafted my own little list (21 or 23 rules I think) and it goes along his lines. I believe that there are factors like the dryness of the wood and how resonant it is and how vibrations are transferred throughout the instrument. However I have this contradictory feeling about how there are pickups and
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