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  1. Hello friends. Finished my build - I'm pleased with the woodwork and fit/finish, but have failed to wire the thing correctly. I'm getting a weak signal from the pickups and all kinds of staticky noise and hum. I have some woodworking experience, but I will certainly admit to being an absolute novice at electronics and wiring. What I'm hoping is that you guys might tell me the right order to troubleshoot this problem and get this thing wired up and running. I went down to Harbor Freight and bought an inexpensive multimeter, so I have that if needed. I think my soldering is adequate - a lit
  2. Thanks, Andy. I just put it on my bathroom scale: 6.4 pounds. I don't have a reference, though. Sure feels light.
  3. Hi everyone. Just saying hello and the site looks great. First thing I noticed was the civility and mutual support vibe. My kind of people...and some serious luthiers here. I'm 59 and just getting my bachelor's after 3+ years at Capella. Story of my life: a day late and a dollar short! Nah, that's not true at all. My life has never been better. Slowly working on a new custom for myself. This thing has been marinating in my head for years, even changing details over time as my tastes and wants change. The little yellow is a "rescue dog" Epi Jr that I bought in a parking lot for $75. Brand new,
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