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  1. hey... I'm eying with a '86 Ibanez Pro Line body w/o the AANjoint... so - how are the Ibanez neck pocket specs? Can I use any Fender neck? It probably had 24 frets... and an overhang for the last of em... Carvin doesn't have that as well.... do I have to go for a Warmoth neck now? good Ibbi necks are hard to come by.... ibanez necks in general are... so....?!
  2. Hey I've planned for my hollow body project to do similar electronics like the Gretsch brian setzer and other models have. talking about the two 3way on the upper side. one is a three way pup seleector the other is the master tone selector rear position ephasizes bass, the middle is neutral and the front offers q slight high-frequency roll of... how to do that?
  3. hey... got a cheapo no name strat. the frets were pretty much done so I decided to give it a new neck. got some fret buzz problems. doesn't the neck pocket have to be as deep as the neck minus the hight of the saddles turned all the way down? aka one inch minus the saddle hight? could that me the problem? tried a whole lot but can'T get rid of it... it's always buzzing in the second octave area.... and if the upper theory is right, the pocket has to be lowered for 1-3 mm....
  4. hohoho... planning around for my next guitar built n thought about a 7string but I'd love to have a p90 at the neck... so - are there any aftermarket pickup winders who offer a p90 7string version? SD? Bareknuckle? whatever? I'd even take one w/o a cover if that's the main problem n do a wooden one myself... cheers!
  5. from close it seems to be plywood with a flame lam on top http://i13.ebayimg.com/05/i/000/ag/32/bb26_1.JPG I will do it by hand cos I neither have a spray gun n nor the money for it at the moment. I guess I'll stain it n then put some clear coats on it... so should I start with rather weak stains n go from there? Didn't find a green stain so I chose a rather neutral one n bought some green n yellow pigments... can I mix it with the stain, apply it n then add the clear coat?
  6. hey... bought a jazz guitar kit from evilbay. gretsch setzter style. flame maple lam body... I wanted to go for a green see through finish... my question would be: how should I test the colours w/o having wood left from the built... ? should I go n try to get some flame maple from somewhere or doesn't that make sense as it isn't the same wood anyways? cherrio
  7. the wrench fits... not that stupid. n neutral spots.... how big can they be? been turnin in either direction way too much for truss rod tastes... hammered it, doesn't grip rattles around. still. what to do? I can return it. I guess I will....
  8. well.... got myself a new strat neck... put it on, tried to adjust the rod to the tension.... turned it counterclockwise n clockwise... somehow doesn't do a thing.... it moves pretty easy... can this happen from... rod.... to rod??? what can I do? EDIT: OH OH OH!!! wait wait.... it works...! no. just kidding. it doesn't. if I stick the allen... maybe I should tell you, that it is one with a headstock access... so if I stick the allen wrench in n wiggle around it moves, wobbles kind of, seem like it's slipped off something.... so -> what to do?
  9. pics plz! btw... if I'll go green n gold I would go for a black guard as in the pic in my last post....
  10. hm... just thought about the gretsch green finish... n did that one quick: http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k245/der...rent=test-2.jpg due to the crappy options the floyd should be a bigsby, the tuners gold, the headstock green as well, and the EMGs black covered pups... some SDs I got laying around... probably will later be replaced by some Trons...
  11. uuuuuuuuh.... nice one.... was it a hard job to do it? your first wipe? dirty
  12. YIKES!!! quilt though...... green gretsch style? keep em coming
  13. that was my first thought!! that or a british racing green colour!! Hand bursts are difficult to get right but can look amazing - a lot more of a vintage look though!! GREAT! i love the setzer would be easier to do, wouldn't it?! or maybe a bit darker into root beer territory... I guess I'll oil the neck for playability reasons... can I add a binding afterwards??? body... neck won't go I guess....
  14. I guess you're right... the only finishes I applied were oil n wax ones but the point that it won't suit the style is probably right... but I can't imagine how to do a hand applied burst???? won't it be too... straight? I think about tobacco burst or maybe something ice tea-ish... I guess Ishould just check out the tutorial section or my books... so - what finish would you guys go for? just pickin up ideas.... I have some gretsch setzerish orange in mind as well....
  15. heyhey.... just scored a set together hollow body on ebay... boosted my current budget so probably a cheaper finishing way would have to be concerned... like oil, or gun polish... but I should see the maple in person... check the pics, hope it will work out fine... http://i6.ebayimg.com/01/i/000/ag/32/bf1b_1.JPG http://i17.ebayimg.com/07/i/000/ag/32/be5b_1.JPG http://i20.ebayimg.com/01/i/000/ag/32/bd7d_1.JPG http://i13.ebayimg.com/06/i/000/ag/32/bca2_1.JPG http://i2.ebayimg.com/04/i/000/ag/32/bbde_1.JPG http://i13.ebayimg.com/05/i/000/ag/32/bb26_1.JPG cheers
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