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  1. Hello, What do you think of this picture. I was offered a guitar in trade and this is a picture of that guitar neck. The owner says it is just a "scratch/scrape" and there isn't a crack or break. What do you think? This is a pic the owner sent me.
  2. I'll take a picture tomorrow, but I used the Stew-Mac recipe of primer, gold, red trans, clear.
  3. So, I came home excited about putting my candy apple red tele project together and noticed the cutaway area wasn't perfect. So, I tried to lightly sand it smooth so that it would polish as beautifully as the rest. Of course, I went too deep and the clear red is now lighter and it looks horrible. Can I shoot a bit of red lacquer there with an air brush gun? I've never used one and find the cut away area hard to do with the full spray gear. Any suggestions? I just messed up my whole summer project. Grrr
  4. I am interested in how to get that tobacco sunburst yellow to almost black finish on mahogany like a Les Paul Junior. Do you have to bleach the wood? How does mahogany get lighter and yellow? Thanks
  5. I am about to put a Fralin P-92 pickup in and I can't tell which way is forward and which is backward. How shoul I mount it? It looks the same if you turn it 180 degrees. Should the wire exit the pickup on the back right hand side or back left hand side? Thanks, Brad
  6. Hi, I am starting my first build and I am curious if there are problems starting with bloodwood for an OM model. What is considered the easiest tonewood to learn on? I've built electrics, but the acoustic thing is new to me and I understand that the first one will be a learning experience and not a masterpiece. Any advice would be great regarding the wood selection. Thanks, Brad
  7. Can anyone describe the difference between an OM that is all Koa (top included) vs a mahogany /spruce version?
  8. Great, thanks. I haven't looked into the cap values, but I did pick up some 500k pots. Thanks, Brad
  9. Hi, I'm using a pair of Fralin P90's. The guitar body is mahogany with a maple cap and a mahogany/rosewood neck. Thanks for the input.
  10. Hi, I need a wiring diagram for a tele using p-90's. Everything is standard (one volume and one tone) except I want to put in a Les Paul style 3-way switch. I can't find a diagram for this switch- all the tele diagrams have the blade switch. Can you help me? Thanks, Brad
  11. I was thinking of getting an old parlor, refinishing it and adding an abalone rosette. Can you route out an existing rosette? Anyone tried it?
  12. When I added the fretboard I gave it more girth at the neck. I decided to just go through with it and see how it goes. Are there good fretting tutorials? Also is there an alternate to nut files or do I need the specific tool. Thanks
  13. In case it matters, I measured and it is about 1 9/16. I saw that Fender had an "A" neck that was 1 1/2 so it looks like there are necks that thin out there.
  14. I'm trying my 1st neck. Overall, I'm encouraged by the process. However, when shaping the neck I got a little thin at the neck nut width portion. What's the thinnest guitars traditionally go? I've seen 1 11/16, 1 7/8, 1 5/8. So how thin can it be. I'd rather not scrap it ( glued on the fretboard with abalone dots and all already). However, if it's a lost cause then I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. Thanks.
  15. I've got an old Twin Reverb and I made a basic on/off footswitch for the vibrato effect. It works fine, but I'd like to add a battery powered LED to show when it is on. How do I do that?
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