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  1. I use general guitar gadgets and tonepad primarily for the parts lists and schematics and i also use diystompboxes.com for the forums. a lot of sites have layouts of pedals and its a lot cheaper to buy the parts yourself rather than getting a kit.
  2. Yeah, that is the Tonepad layout. I've seen a few others that would have worked, but that one is by far the best. As for the enclosure, I got both from this website. They have really cheap 3pdt switches as well.
  3. I'll try to get some sound clips by next week some time. The dual tube screamer really is the best thing, ever.
  4. My first two pedal builds. My friend James and I worked together on our own TS808 clones, so if he sees this thread he should post his too! #1: Mosfet Clean Boost Boosts signal from 3 to 35dB without adding any signal distortion. This was a fairly simple one to build. I call it the "Little Pink Boost Box." My girlfriend made it all cutsie with the hearts and lettering Boost 2 #2: TS808 Tube Screamer Clone This pedal is actually two TS808's in one case. When both are on at once there is so much awesome feedback. I also added two switches for each pedal within the pedal: one to b
  5. I use my second guitar in DP (I'm in the band with James too). I can't find any pictures, but I'll post one when I can.
  6. You realize that this is backwards right? Planning-wise the bridge should be the FIRST thing you decide on; its height determines whether or not you need a neck angle (and how much), and its string spacing determines (along with the nut spacing) the taper of your neck and whether you can use blade-type pickups or whether the strings will match up with polepieces. Bridge first...the rest follows. I am very aware of all of this. This will be my fourth guitar. When I said my build is under way I mean I have cut out the mahogany slabs and laser cut some templates for body routing. I woul
  7. Right, but the exact tremolo isn't something I'm really planning around. I'm just weight out my options for surface mounted trems. The build is already under way, and I am approaching the point where I will need the bridge/tailpiece unit soon.
  8. I am planning out a SG Jr build and would love to throw a tremolo on it. Something similar to this would work, however I can't seem to find many options for a surface/top mount trem other than that or a Bigsby. I do not want a Bigsby because of the price and looks. Can anyone offer any suggestions for suppliers? Thanks!
  9. That looks great! Even more motivation for me to build another SG.
  10. Haha, good point. I'm just going to do it. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be screwed in the end but it sounds like I will be perfectly fine. Thanks everyone!
  11. well is it quartersawn? I don't know, thats essentially what I'm asking. Its really hard to tell by the looks of the end grain since the saw marks are more prominent.
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