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  1. If you mean, can a pickup be used as a driver...no it can't. Are you making the pickups yourself? You are probably aware that most of my drivers have been conversions of single coil pickups and my later ones virtually invisible so this may be possible and no real reason that it won't drive 7 strings, it is only lack of a market that they don't make them anymore commercially. I get a lot of enquiries about 7 string versions so yours would get a lot of interest. If you are using three pickups...you will have to be clever with the switching...something that I always seem to have problem with. A super switch selector might be an interesting way to switch it, the sustainer being one of the selections. Using the fernandes, it does apparently have a digital switching circuit but the details are secret so I can't really help with that. If you want to use this circuit and not make your own along the lines of the DIY version (which is what I would have suggested) you will need to work out a way to replicate the sustainer design. The fernandes sustainer uses the driver with an active circuit so that it can be used as an active neck pickup and completely replaces it. It is unlikely my drivers would work well if at all in this way yet another reason to do your own circuit making your new purchase redundant. So, post a few more details of the project, pickup types and and what you are wanting to do. We can but try to help...if anyone else has suggestions, feel free to chime in! pete The pickups & driver will be built by custom pickup winder Will Boggs @ WB custom pickups. I was told single coils in bridge may not push the driver ( I see no reason why not) I do want the system stealth .This one from ebay is from sustainiac not Fernadez so I am not sure what i got. Thanks Flick
  2. I am hoping to be able to convert this for a 7 string strat project & need your opinions & help. I was told that you cannot use a singlecoil to push the driver is this true? I want to keep a stealth vintage strat look.The pickups & driver will be custom made. Is there any pervisions I need to aim for ? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...:EOIBSA:US:1123
  3. Is there any boutique sustainers builders ? I would like something that was stealth in my 7 string fender strat.
  4. True my intentions is for my personal use & it also is going to be a reliced vintage SRV vibe version. If anything it would help create interest in Fender persuing bringing the 7 string back.Also this is being developed from a Fender product not a total scratch build. original body stripped
  5. True my intentions is for my personal use & it also is going to be a reliced vintage SRV vibe version. If anything it would help create interest in Fender persuing bringing the 7 string back.Also this is being developed from a Fender product not a total scratch build.
  6. I have had a vision in my head of a 7 string version of the SRV battered Stratocaster & have set on a project of first acquiring a Squier 7 string Strat .Then basically rebuilding it from the ground up trying to capture a vintage Fender vibe along the way with some thrown in pluses . notice a big plus is the quartersawn neck :yesway: The guitar was a ebay find at 132.00 & was in mint condition original build date was june 2000 The guitar sounded great stock in the humbucking position & has very long sustaining charactistics The guitar seemed to have trouble staying in fine tune which on disassembly I found out was due to the loose tuners .Which had much play & lightly installed I have stripped the body to find very pleasant wood underneath . It has the appearance of Alder & has a yellow orange hue to it. The body is well matched 3 piece construction & would be suitable for a translucent finish. The only problem I see is the large routes for hum buckers & the body has much weight to it similar to Maple. I have decided what the hell go with a whole new body. I purchased A very nice one piece Alder guitar body blank. Blank measures 2" x 13 1/2" x 21". Blank is kiln dried, surfaced and ready to use. Very light weight at 9.2 lbs! On ebay for 72.00 I plan on upgrading the logo as well all the parts to Fender parts Not sure if I should go with a Gold lettering or the black lettering with gold outline ?? The Neck : along with a vintage nitro finish I plan on changing the dot inlays more to the vintage clay dots & a refret to larger frets. Not sure if I should change the fingerboard radius ? What is some of your opinions ?
  7. soundclips Visit My Website http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQSOAEtAozw...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plIgssEMXWU...feature=related some wanted to hear it thru a cleaner running amp setting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsPSDnoxmSs Amp used was a peavey classic 20 for all recordings (videos straight into amp) This is with the 2" bridge post in metric thread aluminium bridge with titanium saddles aluminium tail ( the titanium had even more higher end range but we found it was not made to vintage specs as our liking) 250 k volume pots & 1 meg tone pots & vintage bumble bees no Cryogenic Treatment
  8. Hopefully a deal with a MAJOR guitar manufacture will go thru next week
  9. http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/historic-r...ived-today.html Dave met with a laser cutter today & did this sample to show the precision & the little waste there will be That is a hairline cut It is expected the cutting will begin Mid next week This is that exact formula & pattern as the inlays used on 52 - 60 Les Pauls
  10. Well after about 6 years of reasearch and going back and forth with the manufacture it's here! The material color, pattern and thickness are perfect. I'm glad to be able to offer the correct looking inlays for Historic and vintage Les Paul guitars. The color is probably close to what it looked like new back in the 1950's. It's and off white pearl with a cream hue. They will yellow more over time and even more so when exposed to sunlight . more here :Visit My Website
  11. guess if you never progress or try anything new you wouldn't care
  12. nothing , as far posting are all you folks on this forum so friendly?( since posting I have seen some of your names on other forums wondering if all you do is go around posting negative posts). Think i started the post about PG pickups but I thought they nailed the JP sound .I am not trying to force feed you anything agree with me or not but but lay off the slap
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