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  1. Hey, This is such a stupid story, but it pisses me off so bad. I just got back from a trip to New York this weekend, and I was absolutely itching to play my guitar. While I was in new york, i went to sam ash and bought some 12 gauge strings that they dont have at my local place (our place doesnt have higher than 11s for electric). When i got back, i immediately changed my strings to these. The only other time i had ever used 12s, they were flatwounds, about a year ago. As soon as i changed all the strings out, i tuned them to standard pitches, and the 12 gauge high e snapped on me! I was mad,
  2. Hey, I'm looking for a nice warm, round jazz tone, but i think starting out building an archtop guitar is a little up there for me. Does anyone know what kinds of solid-bodies can get close to that George Benson style tone? any help would be much appreciated. thanx, Kemp
  3. Hey yall, I bought a book and commited to starting my first project, so I'm looking for a body style and guitar style to mimic for my first project. I play EVERYTHING, from Death metal, with a lot of gain, to a bluesy warm distorted tone, to clean, round jazz, and i need a guitar to look at that is as versatile as possible. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me. And also, does anyone know a place online to find body measurments? thanx much, Kemp
  4. Hey all, just wondering out of curiousity what everyone does to personalize your guitar. Stickers, paint, etc. My sister is a graphic designer, so i got her to paint on the pickguard a random picture, it looks pretty cool. how bout yall?
  5. okay, guitar wiring is here, http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/product/WDUH01101 and switch picture is here, http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...rentPage=search just need quick instructions on what wires to cut and re-solder and whatnot. thanx much, instructions for this kind of **** are hard to find online.
  6. what ive got so far.... theres two prongs on the switch, i apparently should solder the hot siganal wire to one prong, and solder another wire from there to the output jack, and then solder a wire from the other prong to ground. that about right? volume pot (hot signal wire) left prong on switch (another hot wire) hot output jack right prong on switch (wire) ground on output jack my music shop makes normal repairs, but could they do this sort of thing? ive heard of them installing new pi
  7. its the normally "on" spst switch, which is that soft touch one you had a link to. nice thread actually, i just need to know where to solder the wires into the switch. theres probably hardly anything to do, cus its only a one-pickup guitar.
  8. i dont really know much about wiring though, is there a diagram somewhere i can look at? also, do i have to replace the tone knob, or can i just put the switch in there?
  9. Hey yall. Im trying to wire in an spst momentary switch on my guitar, but there are no diagrams showing how to wire one up on a guitar with no pickup selector. I have a epi les paul junior(a piece of crap, but its my baby) and it has one humbucker. it has only one volume and one tone knob and no pickup selector(duh). if anyone can help, i would love you forever. thanx much yall! Kemp
  10. Hey y'all, i want to start my first project, ive got the wood, eastern hard rock maple, one piece, but i don't know what shape i want to do for the guitar. It's gonna be a six string, solid body guitar. I just need a good place to get dimensions and stuff for the shape of the guitar, IE: how the neck joint is shaped, where the bridge should go, length of the neck, etc. If anyone can help, thanx much, Kemp The $eXaFoNe
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