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  1. just looking through this thread, the whole concept seems very innovative =] as for the quick connect... Couldn't you perhaps have 1/4" jack sockets countersunk into the body of the guitar, with 1/4" jacks on the end of the neck peice? i'd imagine it wouldnt degrade the signal at all, you could perhaps use one for each pickup too. You'd have to use Stereo Jacks/Socket i'd imagine. Just tossing an idea out there.
  2. If you could link us to that template it would be great i love the alexi guitar hope you have a good build , it sounds good
  3. Looking good so far Is that a Woodycustoms neck ? off ebay ? if so whats it like ? ive seen that neck on ebay and ive always been curious
  4. hi all ive got an old strat copy that im thinking of modifying , and i'd love a floyd rose on it are there any resources or tutorials to do this ? is it hard to set up properly ? what steps have to be taken ? thanks
  5. is it to do with the amount of pull on the strings ? less pull means more vibration so the harmonics can ring out more ? is the dimebucker close to the Bill Lawrence pickup ? wait , the Bill Lawrence is cheaper is the seymour duncan any better than the bill laurence ?
  6. hmm i see an excuse to play loud thanks for all your help although as a little project i might change the pickups anyway
  7. hmm yeah sounds quite a delacate thing in terms of electrics , thats what my electronics techer said when i wanter to build an effects pedal the really squeally harmonics seem to be orientated to emgs , Zakk has got emgs as mentioned so has Alexi laiho although his are passive with a je1000 booster so i suppose there sorta active . but then dimebag had bill laurences or the dimebucker but i suppose technique comes before getting a new pickup maybe i like the strengh and vercitility of it =] but thanks for the feedback =]
  8. hmm i see thanks so 27k would get outragiously loud harmonics ?
  9. hmm yeah , i see what you mean wez just like a gibson style pickup selector that would be easier , less holes at least athough i might just put like a coil tap push pull for the humbucker closest the brige , just incase i need to frop down to a single coil doe something but thanks everyone hanks or not thanks
  10. i dont know what your talking about so figure 6 features coil taps with a series parallel switch at the end ? or am i missing the point ?
  11. hehe i googled it but i probably wasnt searching the right stuff so figure 6 features coil taps with a series parallel switch at the end ? sorry thanks
  12. hey this tthigs got 8 conductor wiring , and i was just wondering if you could just use 4 switches to go between , on , off anf phase ? just the motherbucker and a volume could someone help me with this ? or perhaps a volume push pul coil tap to drop it to a dual rail pickup then a toggle to turn it into a single rail so it can be toned down any help with these examples ? thanks
  13. hey ive recently discovered whammy harmonics and pinch harmonics i can do them and i am told that some pickups can pick them up better than others are these active pickups ? or does the pickup just need a high resistance ? for example would a 21k humbucker (a 'motherbucker') pick up harmonics very readily thanks
  14. hmm yeah , cant say ive ever seen seperate single pickup covers beign sold unless you got telecaster neck single coils but then you wouldnt get a powerful bridge or you'd have to create your own i dunno why they call those iommi covers , didnt he used to have flat black on his covers ?
  15. what about a zebra ? fits the guitar well just a zebra on the 11 , 12 and 13th frets , maybe a little bigger
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