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Mini stack

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I am not really sure if this is the right forum for this, but I've been playing around with idea of making a "mini stack" to be played at home. Idea is to have 1x12" cabinet (or two stacked) and amp head in plywood enclosure that would follow the design as seen in image below. Now I would need some input from woodworking gurus on the forum.15909855_10212308075203501_2125209778_n.jpg?oh=57ab84738a178e024571629237a3ebf9&oe=58A3DFA1 What would be the most suitable way to get the sides done?

Currently I am playing with idea of making a mold for the sides and laminate the sides from multiple thin layers of plywood, Do you have any experience how thick plywood could be used here so that it still bends without cracking?  

I have thought that if I made the mold modular, so that I'd have rounded corner blocks and I could change the straight center pieces that could be attached together, I could fairly simply produce different sized enclosures, in this case the amp head and the cabinets,  

How about the pressure, how much pressure should I need when laminating the sides? I was planning that I'd use some planks length of the depth of the cabnet + 10cm, Put two planks on top of each other, drill holes at the end of the planks, and have bolt going throught the planks, making the planks as clamps when tightening the bolt, when having the sides between the planks. The planks should be rigid enought that they do not bend when aplying pressure from the ends

Any input or ideas I would definitely want to hear from you who have more experience on working with plywood.

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Can't help with bending plywood, but there's got to be tutorials out there on the interweb describing how it's done. I'm assuming it takes water and steam, most likely using multiple thin sheets rather than one thick sheet.

Having built a few cabs and amps myself in the past, there's not a lot of fancy joinery in them. The outer shell is normally just 4 pieces of plywood with strengthening blocks of wood where each sheet of plywood meets on the inside the corners. Butt joints are usually all that's used. The baffle where the speaker mounts and any panels you chose to put on the back is what gives the cabinet enough strength to prevent side-to-side racking. Screws and glue is enough to hold it all together. The hardest part you'll have is covering it.

What about making oversized corner strengtheners with the curve built into them?  You could cut a rebate on two edges that accept each plywood sheet, a bit like tiling corner trim strips. That would save you the hassle of bending plywood

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Thanks for the input!

i am kind of fixated to the idea of bent plywood.. I would like keep the plywood visible on the corners, kind of nordic plywood based furniture meets 50's television. 

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