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Floyd Rose on a NK headless guitar

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Hey guys, how is it going? I'm new here and I starting to love headless guitars and all of its advantages but the gigs I play require me to change between standard and drop D tuning and so I was thinking: could a Floyd Rose work on a NK headless guitar? Don't the locking nut at the end of the neck accomplish the same function as one on a regular guitar? It'd be killer if I could make this happen - what do you think? (Attached image for reference)


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You still need some way of getting the strings up to pitch from completely slack. The locking nut on a Floyd Rose is just used to secure the strings once they're at correct pitch using the regular tuning machines. The fine tuners on the FR bridge don't have enough travel to get you there by themselves.

Are you sure you can't just do a quick retune between songs using the existing bridge? Heck, those NK headless guitars are so cheap you could buy a second one, leave it permanently tuned to drop-D and just swap guitars for the songs that require it.

I'm not sure a FR would help you here anyway. One of their key features is to prevent tuning changes.


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