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  • Guitar Of The Month - January 2016

    @ScottR, "Lester T"

    "To date my favorite guitar I've built was "Justin's Guitar" that I built for my son. He wanted a Les Paul body shape with my own headstock and carves and he wanted a set of Klein Epic Broadcaster pickups in it. That led to what has been dubbed a Les Tele-ish guitar build, that I just loved........but it lives a 1000 miles away. So I had to make me one. :)"

    Lester T.

    Body--Chambered Sapele

    Top--Quilted maple

    Neck--Sapele-Macassar Ebony-Sapele

    Headstock cap--Gaboon Ebony

    Frets--Jumbo SS

    Tuners--Gotoh 510 Delta 21:1

    Bridge--Gotoh Tele

    Bridge Pickup--Klein Fatman tele bridge

    Neck--Klein Epic Series 1957 P-90 neck

    Check out Scott's build thread over on the ProjectGuitar.com forums!


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