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  1. Well hello, Beautiful! That just came to life in a blaze of glory! Really really nice job. and sorry about your bounce....something I'm afraid I've done more than once... SR
  2. Brilliant! And they look really nice too. SR
  3. I'm learning that as my front side is gradually adding downward pressure to my belt, my back side ledge that it normally catches on is slowly disappearing. End result: pants are falling down. SR
  4. You're looking pretty good .... for your age. SR
  5. It's still all a matter of perspective. Viewed from the shoulders down, they're ginormous. Viewed from the waist up, they are relatively modest. Nope, I'm grabbing them and hanging on tight. SR
  6. It's funny how many things I do these days don't seem nearly as easy as they did last time I did them. Then I remember the last time I did was 30 years ago. SR
  7. She gets turned in many directions whilst being carved. And she must be held tightly whilst a very sharp blade is being wielded. So..... the best handles providing the best grip is what gets gripped. At this point she doesn't even realize what's happening, but I'm sure I'll have to apologize or at least say excuse me at some point. SR
  8. This is one of my favorites. It is also one of the easiest to have momentary lapses......leading to momentary bleeding. (The length of a moment being a very subjective term). SR
  9. You've always been very observant. SR
  10. For what it's worth, I paint a thinned layer of petroleum jelly on the top edge of my truss rod, place it in the slot, and tape over the slot with that super thin transparent scotch tape. Then I trim it to with in 1/8th inch (couple off mms) of the slot, spread the glue and leave the tape on. Overkill maybe, but it makes me feel good. SR
  11. Heck, I've heard you sing! Sounded a bit like Snowy White. SR
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