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  1. The day shift at the grocery store had its own version of fart fun. We used to walk down the aisle ahead of chosen targets usually old ladies or assholes and drop a little bomb then duck around the corner and peek back to watch them walk through the cloud. Customers occasionally joined the fun in their own way. There was an old man that would sit on a bench facing the registers while his wife shopped. Every few minutes he'd make a face, lean over and raise a cheek and rip a loud and wet one as you say. No one cheek sneaks for this guy. Of course every customer in the checkout line could see a
  2. I'm no genius at wiring either, but this part I can help with .Set your meter to ohms (continuity) and place one contact on the bridge saddle and the other on anything in the control cavity that is grounded, those pots would maybe be best. with your meter on tone you should get a tone or beep if you have continuity between the saddles and the pots. If it beeps your strings will be grounded just as they are. I've used black painted bridges several times and have no problem with the strings being grounded through the painted saddles. You should run the same test between the the ground lug on yo
  3. In spite of all (or perhaps because of) this looks really nice. That really is an aggressive arch--I like it! Mine are usually a little shy of an inch. It does pay to plan for a flat spot for the bridge. And the pickups have to be planned for as well. Recessed mounting rings work well on an arch. SR
  4. Back in my college days....and no that was not the eighteenth century.....I worked in a grocery store. We experimented with night stocking for a few months, and I and one lucky coworker were elected for the job. It was one of those deals where the working conditions were fantastic but the hours sucked. Anyway the point of the story is one night one of us completely destroyed the other with corrosive nuclear waste farts. The next day in retaliation the other ate disgusting noxious gas generating food and counter-attacked. After that it was on. Fart wars every night for the next three months.
  5. That may be the best response to a spousal fart attack I've ever heard. SR
  6. I nearly always spray lacquer on the body and wipe on Danish oil on the neck. Headstock often gets lacquer on the cap and Danish oil everywhere else.....which is basically what you are thinking of in miniature. Danish oil wipes right off the lacquer, so once you have your lacquer finish completed and polished its a simple matter to wipe on and wipe off the Danish. In choosing a wiping varnish, just choose one that has no alcohol or strong solvents as they will re-wet the lacquer. And if you are unsure about the compatibility.....test on scrap first. Just spray some scrap while you are spr
  7. I've been told that brown eyes are from the dominant gene. This appears to be true. The green shade is only apparent when I saturate the color. Oh and BTW I did a quick and dirty polish job on her eyes to see what they would look like.......and because I couldn't stand to hear her bitching about how dark it was anymore....even in direct sunlight. SR
  8. Nailed it! You've kept the stately look of the spruce, added echoes of the "hippy sandwich" Alembic guitars the Dead so loved and as @komodo pointed out the subtle burst just helps to gently focus the eyes on the carve. Superbly done.....of course. SR
  9. Thank you kind sir. Now, about your story. I'll be willing to bet the carver and the painter were not the same person. And the painter should have been stood on the opposite corner and........painted. For weeks. SR
  10. You have no idea what a pain in the ass it is to sand cleavage...due to her unique anatomy, her head keeps getting in the way. SR
  11. Well, It's not like the place is crawling with unattached gnomes trolling for girls. But if he catch's her prowling around all the neighborhood gardens, he may have reason to worry. SR
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