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  1. So your first idea was to see where you could go with the four basic colors. In which case you haven't come to the stopping point yet. Carry on. SR
  2. After thinking on it a bit, I've decided that bamboo could be a brilliant idea for neck material. In years past it was often used for fishing rods. Stiff with a loaded flex that wants to return to straight immediately. One of my favorite necks is made with Osage Orange. In years past it was the favorite material for bows made by the Osage Indians who lived in the area I grew up in. Those bows were prized and highly sought after by many of the surrounding tribes for the same reasons bamboo made great fishing rods. Very stiff with a loaded flex that wants to return to straight immediately. Makes
  3. I find many times the first idea or concept is the best. One of the hardest things to master in the creative process is knowing when to stop. I agree that they arrows were on the other side of that stopping point. SR
  4. That's funny stuff! You guys have some of the best comedy. SR
  5. I'd love to see you tackle the carve on the Aria. SR
  6. Thanks Muzz! I ken ken, and have not seen canny- but have seen canna or canno used in the same way. I have never run across " away with your wheesht" but I rather like it. I wonder if I'd have to practice my brogue before I could get away with using it? SR
  7. Beautiful plan. I've said this before ....but I think it is brilliant the way you label your shots. SR
  8. It surely is. I used to be fluent in art speak. BFA in commercial art class of 1981. I suppose the vernacular has morphed a tad over rhe past 40 years.... SR
  9. Did you just make up a new word just for me? No, I see it exists already. Sculptural. But I've never seen or heard it before so thanks for that Charlie! SR
  10. The shaping is mostly done except for some minor details. It now flows smoothly from part to part, just like it was one single thing instead of a bunch of glued together pieces. SR
  11. I added the final machining bits during this phase: bridge ground hole, jack hole, and insets for the strap buttons. SR
  12. The application of more elbow grease, completed the carve.....or at least the rabid beaver part of it. And then some synthetic elbow grease for the next phase of smoothing. SR
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