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  1. You get much or any damage, or is the power thing it? SR
  2. That's good advice right there. I can't think of a thing I'd add. SR
  3. Feel free to share your questions as they come up. We love to help! SR
  4. It took me a second to realize there were no knobs or switches. The matte finish is superb and the knobless look is very clean. I don't know if it the finish, the wood, the shape, the cleanness or just the power of suggestion, but it definitely has an African art aesthetic to it. I do believe you've captured it's soul. ( That sounds a bit cruel, perhaps it's more like you've reached an accord for it to hang about a bit). Bravo! SR
  5. That's your best picture yet! Which makes it easier to what a nice looking guitar that is. I love me some P-90s, I bet it sounds great. SR
  6. It has been said that Texas is big. It's about 1100 miles from where Ron lives and the northern border in the panhandle....and the panhandle is 3500' higher in elevation. I recall hitting 100f in McAllen one February day, and the panhandle will have a few days that hover around zero degrees F. But boys, Finland is in the neighborhood of 3000 miles further north of the panhandle. We ain't never going to convince our friends up there that we know what cold is. 'Course, they have no idea what hot is..... SR
  7. That was entertaining. Wally liked his sense of humor.....as least I think he did. He's pretty stoic. But I'm sure I saw his mustache lift a bit an his eyes crinkled. And his left foot tapped. SR
  8. Excellent solution! I like the look, and it does bring a domino to mind. Recovering from mistakes and accidents with skill and flair is a giant part of this hobby of ours. There is always at least one of those waiting to pounce when you least expect it. SR
  9. I get brilliant ideas in the middle of the night too. Or at least I assume I do. I never remember any of them, so I can't prove myself wrong. So with no evidence to the contrary, I will will go with the premise of having great ideas in the middle of the night.. SR
  10. You're welcome. Does that walnut have some figure in it, or is that just weird reflections? You've got to love what Tru-oil does to walnut grain, it really makes it rich looking. Is there a story behind your fret markers 11-13? SR
  11. I always fret after I've glued the fretboard to the neck but before gluing the neck to the body. If you can put some weight on the board and it flattens without cracking, I'd do that and let it sit for a few days, then go ahead and use it. As you say, it is trying to bend like that anyway when you attach it first but cannot due the the strength of the neck. SR
  12. I'm pretty sure there is a bamboo build in here somewhere....6 or 8 years ago maybe? I'm sorry, but I do not recall what he used for glue. SR
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