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  1. Scorched and polished. You did nail the headstock match. For me the best part is the area around the steer head. SR
  2. Well, if you've got it to do, no point waiting around to get it done. You're making good progress. SR
  3. It sill lives! I like the logo. It reads differently upside down.....but it still reads. SR
  4. Tasty tasty tasty! (all of them) Something about the quilted HS cap on the explorer really does it for me. SR
  5. I'm looking as forward to the story as I am the build. SR
  6. This is an absolute jaw dropper Matt! Definitely worth waiting for. SR
  7. Everything for females is more expensive. And given that the love of shopping is a feminine trait......I smell a conspiracy here. SR
  8. Well done! I love creative work-arounds like this one. SR
  9. Maple is often not filled even for high gloss. The pores are tiny. It may take a couple of extra coats of clear to cover them smoothly. It certainly won't hurt anything if you want to pore fill them if you want to though. SR
  10. Me too! Your mishaps may have led you to something better. SR
  11. I do just that. Planing the body to match the neck angle is mostly a matter of aesthetics. It allows the fretboard to be even with the surface of the body instead of rising above it or sinking down into it. SR
  12. I take a very similar route.There are some minor differences in the details but the layers and shading of both the wood and the tint coats are very nearly the same. SR
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