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  1. Are you going to finish it as shiny as your renderings? SR
  2. I meant yes you are more inclined to do stuff like you pictured re the fretboards. SR
  3. The difference in porosity and oil content between the heartwood and sapwood is not helping the problem nor is huge range of grain direction in each board. I've tried flattening boards several times and never had any success. Except for just planing the curve right out of it--and that is not an option here. Good luck and be sure to tell is what you did if it works. Moisture and heat may be an option, sort of like bending wood on purpose for acoustic sides... SR
  4. Yes you are, and history proves that out. You've got some beautiful fretboards under your belt. Damn I like the carve on that bottom pic you posted....... SR
  5. Niiiiice. I made a mission style bench out of mahogany some years back with relief carving on the back reminiscent of that. Those ebony pieces had to be carved separately and glued to the headstock face. That's fiddly work with small pieces of super hard splintery wood. You gonna try it? You could go a long way with your jigsaw skills. Just like cutting inlays and then adding a bit a surface decoration, and you don't have to route out any cavities. Good to see you rejoining the madness John. SR
  6. Frisket is the masking film used for airbrush illustrations. Very thin and semi transparent with light adhesive, you lay it over your illustration and use a razor knife to cut windows into it to airbrush that area whilst keeping everything else clean. In other words it is the stuff made to do what you used vinyl for. SR
  7. I'd probably just narrow the nut a little and sand a new taper into the fretboard/neck. SR
  8. That's another word for hard headed and stubborn, right? Thanks for the support! SR
  9. That would lead to some industrial leveling. SR
  10. That's certainly the plan. Me too Muzz, me too. SR
  11. Thanks. You just gotta love it when a new challenge shows up. Every guitar I make becomes my number one......until the next one. SR
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