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  1. firstly i'll say that i voted for decadent john's build. i just loved the simplicity of the build. the great black/dark brown contrast with the blonde swamp ash body. its not the most difficult build or the most flashy, but its deffinately a build that had me pausing to look at for more than a few seconds per pic. probably doesnt sound like a tele at all with the rosewood/ebony neck and p90's though. probably sounds great anyway. i was so close to voting for scottyd's build. i really like it. the only things that stopped me was a bit of wood choice. i absolutely love the look of each piece of wood on the build, but there were places where i would have liked to see some contrast. i absolutely loved the top of the body. it looks excellent with the great walnut top and those nice covers on the pickups and the knobs. the blonde parts in the walnut looked excellent. i think a fretbord that contrasted more with the brown in the build would have looked a bit better. possibly an ebony or rosewood one, which would bring the black theme from the hardware into the build. a birdseye maple fretboard with some black block inlays would also look escellent imo. another thing that didnt work well with me was the laminates in the neck. i find neck lminates look best when there is some contrast. these timbers look very similar. they also clashed a very tiny bit with the less redy browns in the body. i think its that their close, but not close enough to be the same. the poplar in the body looks great, but it doesnt work too well with the neck wood (more directly the reddy timber glued at the neck join). i think that if the neck laminates were purpleheart/wenge and maple or something that doesnt add the bit of redness to the look then i would have voted for you, and deffinately if there was a more contrasting fretboard on the build. i know that was alot of criticism for a build that i say i nearly voted for. i was really nitpicking there as i really like it, but it just barely misses the mark for me, and i want to justify not voting for it. i love the shape, love the body timbers (neck timbers look great too, but i dont feel they match the body timbers perfectly, its a bit of a case where it looks better to contrast than nearly match). the only thing that made me change my mind was the conflicting colours on the back. i absolutely love the build, but the simplicity of decadent john's tele won me over. do you have any details on you pickups? or even a link to the build thread if the details are in there (if build thread exists) im not a fan of the superstrat shape, which ruled some of the builds out for me (even though they were all very good builds that i cant flaw in any way). the orion had a very nice looking neck laminate, but didnt do much for me otherwise. kenny's kaye custom was a great looking guitar. loved the look of the back of it. m sherman's second 8 string was nice as well, but wasnt my cup of tea. jelle's cigar box guitars were a nice change. boobs and the one after it (black and gold one) seemed very nice. some nice touches on them. rsguitars revelation is a nice build, but the shape didnt do it for me. that neck on a different guitar would be an excellent start. the shape was the only real downside to me. bath's bass was a nice build. i dont know about the upper horn like someone else mentioned. it seems like a very usable design. their seems to be plenty of upper fret access, and the pickups seem like they would give a very versatile sound (ive always thought having the bridge pup angle like that would be a good idea for a bass along with a neck pickup to add most of the bottom. jyrki's 335 looks excellent and flawless. just doesnt have the originality of the other builds. would have been alot of work being a hollow body which i respect greatly. wez v's build is a really nice build. has a nice shape and seems flawless. the finish is incredibly glossy and perfect. i cant put my finger on it but it just doesnt do it for me. i dont know why. it hs everything to it that i would normally like. even the quirky green lizard is something i like, but it just doesnt give me that wow feeling that the individual parts of the build do. its not that theres anything that i feel chashes either. daniel sorbera's acoustic is an excellent build, but an acoustic doesnt do much for me. i'd love to make one oneday, but im not motivated enough to take up the challenge yet. acoustics are nice, but i dont get excited over them. lowriders carvetop is well done, but isnt my style. did like the way the headstock went with the build, looked good in an unconventional way. avenger 63's build looks nice, but its a bit busy as someone else said. having a bigsby on a tele seems like a good idea though.
  2. i can understand some of the somments about my build. the only thing that i regret is cutting off the end of the fretboard. i thought it would keep up with the angled theme, but it doesnt suit it that well. if it were wider i could have done a nicer curve to it, but at that angle it just looks like it was cut off. i guess i keep that in mind for the next times. reguarding the plain wood, i personally prefer something like walnut or oak to flamed maple. just my opinion, and i know that i feel differently than about 95% of guitarists. i do like flamed necks though. thats just my opinion. i chose walnut as i thought the colour would look great on the build. the fretboard is a bit rough with the edges, but where it is rough it doesnt show on the photos really. some of the edges look bad due to the resizing of the photo and/or the angle the photo was taken on. im not saying its better than it looks, just that the roughness you see isnt really there. i will smooth the pickguard at some stage when i take it apart. overall im very happy with my build. it is an excellent player and sounds great. and congrats to oz tradie on winning (seems to be that way), and a great build.
  3. nice set of builds guys. trying to give a bit of constructive criticism on the builds, but thats just from my opinion, and the builds weren't for me (except mine). i didnt vote either because im in it. maikman: nice looking strat. nice and simple design. love the look of the neck from the back. i find that the neck and the body colours are a bit too similar in colour for it to really stand out. the pickguard helps a bit, but something else could really add to it. i like the lack of inlay, but some dots or black blocks would help break up the similarities. either way, congrats on a great build, im just nitpicking on things that i think could improve how i react to it. Strandberg Guitarworks: nice looking guitar. love the wood choices as well. nice pieces of cherry and i love wenge as well. nice sleek build. im not a huge fan of the raised controls, as id like to keep them tucked away, but then again you dont need to worry about hitting the knobs on a strum when using a bass. nice build overall. jammy: nice looking build. nice looking top wood, but doesnt look that much like walnut (not doubting it, just doesnt look that walnut like to me). nice simple looks to show off the timbers. id like to see the neck join smoother with the lower cutaway, as opposed to 2 seperate sections. nice build though, whats the sound like with that single neck pickup on such a long scale? a bit of an odd build as most long scale guitars are used by metal players, but with no bridge pickup you wouldnt satisfy them very well. oz tradie: great build, love the dye and the finish, as well as the timbers. the cutout in the back suits the design well, along with the lovely carving. only complaint is the back seems a bit bare compared to the front. it still looks great, but the single wood type (aside from the veneers) makes the back seem less interesting than the front, even if the wood does look great. capu: looks great. the deep red colour suits the build, very nicely done. the natural binding looks good as well. im not sure im a big fan of the control layout. what is the scheme for the controls anyway? is it a master vol, vol neck, vol bridge and tone? or is one of them a balance with a tone control for each? either way it looks good. looking from the front to the back it looks like a completely different instrument (but still a good looking one). a very well carried out build. black_labb is me!! dawnofzion nice looking build. im not a huge fan of solid colours, but it suits the build. (i dont often like flamed maple much either, im somewhere in the middle). a very well built guitar from the looks of things. i dont like the neck join, isnt much wood around the bolt on, but its not your design and obviouslt it works wee enough. probably easier to play than a strat in the higher registers. superfly nice looking build. good job on the dye and nice timbers. i like the carve, and its a good looking neck. the swirls on the mahogany around the knot look great. some good attention to details. hooglebug nice build. like the unique shape. the carve is great too. im not a fan of the flamed maple with blue dye look, but its very well done. the thing that really draws me to your build is the back of the instrument. the way it is carved, and the contrast between the wenge neck and the mahogany (like the grain on ithe mahogany, its simple and nice). did i mention i love that neck? great job everyone and good luck
  4. looks good, have you considered using the smaller sized pots? alot of electrical stores have pots that are 16mm or so as opposed to the 24mm pots that are used in guitars usually. using them would make the hidden control idea easier to do. i do like that neck blank, nice looking timbers.
  5. I call it the Offset Nut Hi guys, this is my first complete build (I did a build a while ago with a neck I bought, and haven’t been able to stop). Sorry if the writing is quite long, but there are some unique things that I thought some people would like to know about. It was started a long time ago, but I stopped halfway to work on a bass for my girlfriend as we got a band together and had trouble finding a bassist that worked well with the band, so I decided to make her a bass and tech her to play. The bass is structurally finished, but hasn’t been properly finished or have all the electronics (just the bridge pickup and a mess of wires that will go to the right point when the parts all are in there. Enough about the bass, heres my offset walnut guitar The body is a 2 piece American walnut body. I got the piece discounted as it had a knot and was not the full thickness in many parts of the board. It wasn’t a big deal for guitar building as I ensured the knot was where a cutout was. Also meant I couldn’t put the join along the middle point. There is a small elbow cut on the front and tummy cut on the rear, similar to a strat but not as much. The neck is a laminate of rock maple (quarter sawn) with a wenge centre. Using the quarter sawn wood meant I could get the neck fairly thin. I wanted a thinner feeling neck as opposed to my last build, which was a bit fatter feeling. the maple ended up having a bit of figure to it which is a nice surprise. The fretboard is striped ebony with mother of pearl inlays (I couldn’t believe how long simple block inlays can take, i think its worth it though). The headstock was a scarf joint with walnut veneers i made from offcuts of the walnut body wood. The neck joint was originally going to be a bolt on, but with the bolts coming from above (hidden by a pickguard) into the body, with another 2 coming from the back of the body into the part of the neck behind the fretboard. The neck pocket was made the weird shape I had to ensure there was plenty of strength and leverage for the neck, so that I could avoid the neck pocket sticking out from the body. This way I could get better upper fret access, and having the points of the neck further apart to get a wider stance and a more efficient grip on the neck. After making the neck pocket and seeing how tight it was, I thought about gluing the neck in to avoid seeing the last 2 neck screws, and improve the mechanical connection. I ended up keeping 2 screws in as they were hidden anyway, and i could only get one clamp to hold the neck in place. i am extremely happy with the design, as the shape of the necks end means it is held from all sides but up. i actually got it stuck in there a number of times and spent a while getting it out each time. Regarding the shape , it was originally going to have a butt similar to a fender, but i accidentally cut too deep when trimming some of the template with the router (was feeling too lazy to sand) and thought it might look good with the cutaway in the back, matching the angle of the front. I’m happy with the way it worked out. The hardware I bought on ebay, as I don’t have too much money being a university student. The bridge is a roller tunomatic with ferrules as opposed to a tailpiece. The tuners are the same as many around with a somewhat unique shape that I quite like for this build. I made the pickguard from a blank piece of material. I made the truss rod from 10mmx10mm U channel aluminium and a ¼” rod. It is adjustable from the heel under the pickguard, to give it a cleaner look. I have barely had to adjust the truss rod, probably due to the quarter sawn neck wood and ebony fretboard. Having such a big rod and u section probably means it gives a lot of support itself. Regarding the Electronics I made the pickup bobbins (from offcuts of wenge) and wound the pickups myself. I was looking for the look of a p90 (or any larger single coil) but kept the actual size of the coil fairly tall and thin, and in reality they are pretty similar to strat pickups. I used 5mm alnico 5 rod magnets (same as fender single coils) on the neck, and used some 6.5mm alnico rod magnets for the bridge. I wound the coil 8200/ 6.05 kOhms (neck) and 8500/ 7.4 kOhms (bridge) times to get fairly bright pickups as I was intending on putting a switch in to put the pickups in series and didn’t want that setting ending up too boomy, and could always use that setting to get more output and a fatter sound. (Putting 2 singlecoils in series makes a humbucker pickup, when they are out of phase electrically and magnetically, which I did). I also added a switch to invert the phase, to get out of phase sounds as well. There are 3 switches, the black switch is the same pickup switch you find on a Gibson (neck/parallel/bridge). The mini switch is the series/parallel (single coil/humbucker if you like). This switch bypasses the pickup select switch, as it must use both pickups. The third switch is a push-pull on the volume knob (closest to the bridge), which inverts the phase to give a thinner, hollow sound. The finish of the guitar is Danish oil with some beeswax rubbed in. I love the feel of the finish on the neck, it so smooth and along with the fairly thin neck makes for a fast playing guitar with great upper fret access. I’m very impressed with the sounds I can get from the guitar. It is quite versatile due to the different electrical options. The humbucking mode gives a thick sound, where the single coil modes are a nice fender tone. The bridge pickup seems to add more mids to the tone of a bridge single coil, due to the larger magnets. The out of phase sounds are actually pretty useful when used in humbucking mode, but the parallel out of phase sound is a bit useless as it has lower output compared to the rest. I have just finished my second amplifier build (based loosely on the normal channel of an ac15) and it sounds great through it, ill do a little recording when I wont annoy anyone too much (the only cab I have is a 4x12 which carries sound a little too well for home use, especially when trying to crank an amp to its sweet spot) only downside is the weight, its unchambered and 50mm thick with some of the heaviest woods commonly used. i dont mind, but its the first thing people comment about it when they put it over their shoulder. Thanks guys Love the other builds, a lot of talent shining through this month. here are some photos, the last is there to show how the neck tennon is shaped.
  6. i was going to vote, but couldnt decide, so ill leave it (aswell as the fact that i forfitted my vote by viewing the results) as everyone has said, these are really great guitars, they're all well thought out and executed.
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