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  1. Hi guys I have a 1966 fender vibro champ black face for sale. It has the original foot switch, soft case and paperwork for it. Its in almost perfect condition there's no rust or tears, only bad thing is the speaker is starting to go out and it has a couple bubbles in the tolex. If interested msg me for pics, or to make an offer! thanks for looking, Nate
  2. i need some basic info on building a 7 sting guitar. where can i find a tele style bridge that it a 7 string does the radius change. is there some neck templets you guys couple point me to?
  3. thanks for the help guys! does any body see a problem with the style head stock i want to use?
  4. thanks that gave me some of the info i need as for total thick ness but i still need to know how thick the top should be 1/4" 1/8" 3/16" any one know?
  5. what is the proper thickness for a tele thinline top? i tried the search function and didnt get me what i was looking for. any help is verry appreciated. and with a tele style neck could you use a jackson or ibaneze rg style headstock without problems? thanks, nathan
  6. while practicing last weekend half way through a song i noticed i could no longer hear my guitar so i waited and checked to see what the problem was. not quite sure what happend but for some reason all the distortion and volume went off. i just bought a new valveking head and thought crud mabey i already blew a tube, so i plugged in my other guitar and everything was fine so i tried plugging the ltd back in still screwed up, any one have a clue what the problem could be?
  7. im planning a build for my self right now first 2 were for othr poeple (gonna be my 3rd lp in a row lol) but my question is i want to make a semi hollow lp. so how thick should the out side edge be and the bottom, and also do u guys think i should arch the inside of the top to?
  8. lol wes you wouldnt be making fun of me would you? lol he he ...
  9. im building a lp style guitar for my shop class and im ready to route the neck pocket but theres not really any way for me to do it at school ... no jigs or anything so my question is do u guys think it would be ok the route the pocket a little deep and then glue a wedge in?(they wont like us take our projects home till they are done otherwise id do it there)
  10. im building a jaguar style guitar for a friend and im wondering what all body contours they have and if they have a radiusd neck and if all the stuff on the pickguard are necessary oh yeah and about how thick are they?
  11. i was wondering how ud get the like vintage cream color like fenders have!
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