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  1. Hi guys I have a 1966 fender vibro champ black face for sale. It has the original foot switch, soft case and paperwork for it. Its in almost perfect condition there's no rust or tears, only bad thing is the speaker is starting to go out and it has a couple bubbles in the tolex. If interested msg me for pics, or to make an offer! thanks for looking, Nate
  2. like i said its something differnt. well we'll see how it looks once i finish the body i had the neck all cut out and shaped then when i tried to attach the fret board the truss rod popped through the bac of the neck apparently it was to thin so i need to get another piece of maple an retry it heres a pic of the old neck and fret board and the fretboard with inlay, binding, and ...frets hehe
  3. why dont you think it would work with those bodies? looks or structerly(sp) its some kinda original i love lp and sg shapes but im not big of a fan of 3 and 3, all the guitars i have now are 3l 3r i want something differnt
  4. its a 6" height ill provide pics later i only use it to rough cut then use a router to finialize every thing it works for what i do with it and picking it up at $75 doesnt hurt i thought the size of a band saw was the height had no clue about the throat
  5. i recently picked up a pretty nice wood and tool score so i decided it was time to start building again i got a 6" band saw 4" belt /disk sander and a 10" table saw i got 2 pieces of mahagony and 2 pieces of low grade birds eye maple, enough for 2 bodies with tops for about $80 im not sure on the body shape i want to use. either a lp or sg/ esp viper 6 inline headstock floyd rose tremelo 24.75 scale rosewood fretboard maple neck bolt on neck abolone dot inlays with a head stock logo body and neck binding
  6. i need some basic info on building a 7 sting guitar. where can i find a tele style bridge that it a 7 string does the radius change. is there some neck templets you guys couple point me to?
  7. you can use a jigsaw make sure u have a long enough blade of course drill hole along the side to help with cuttin. leave atleast 1/8" between ur cut an ur line, make a templet and use a router to get a smoothe side or a drum sander but becarefull the drum sanders take a lot off at a time and the router my cause chips
  8. thanks for the help guys! does any body see a problem with the style head stock i want to use?
  9. thanks that gave me some of the info i need as for total thick ness but i still need to know how thick the top should be 1/4" 1/8" 3/16" any one know?
  10. what is the proper thickness for a tele thinline top? i tried the search function and didnt get me what i was looking for. any help is verry appreciated. and with a tele style neck could you use a jackson or ibaneze rg style headstock without problems? thanks, nathan
  11. looking for an alder body and neck blank and a flame maple top msg me with price needs to be big enough for super strat wenge as an accent for the neck
  12. haha lol i will be switching the pups with black outs.... i really want to try them:) but back to the note of cars lol my stepdad rebuild classic cars and think guitarbuilding is a great hobby for me
  13. i bought the fixed bridge model this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/produc...=519787/rpp=10/
  14. im verry happy with it, iv been looking for a 7 stringer for awhie now and i tried everything but the ibanez, then sunday i tried the 7 its plays so nice, its pretty light and sounds amazing.!!! any body else have this guitar? love it or hate it? i love it if u cant tell
  15. luke fret wire should be in tomarrow along with my other parts:D
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