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  1. I actually edited it before you posted and was hoping no one read it as I knew it was wrong. Just venting. I don't mind answering question, but what I don't like is assumptions about my work which I take a lot of pride in. I hope we can stay cool! As far as the sound is concerned, it sounds great in my opinion and in the opinion of everyone who has tried. As an example to the comparison of sound, a guy at a Guitar Center was playing on his 7 string Ibanez with EGM's, asked to play this guitar and was shocked at the sound. I have actually compared it to my Jackson Kelly with EMG's and it blows it away, mostly due in part to the Floyd on my Kelly which has the middle of the body completely routed out which I have always thought sounded thin to begin with. It actually sounds better on clean if you ask me and I am a metal head. As far as hand cramping, I thought it would be difficult to manage that at first but this is the only guitar I have been playing since I built it so I guess my hand over came the initial shock and adjusted quickly. My hand would probably cramp going back to a thicker neck now as I am conditioned to this thin neck.
  2. The fact is that not everyone is satisfied with what is available. That is where guys like me come in. It's like telling Shaq, "Sorry, we don't make shoes for you because your foot is not profitable and we only make average sizes." Sometimes it is alright to step outside of the box because we are all different. While I understand that what I am doing is not for everyone, I disagree with the statement that what I like is not a personal preference, that is a contradiction to the definition. I now prefer this neck style as I have always wanted a thinner neck, I am the first customer it was built for and although I may be biased since it is my design, it was built to my exact personal specs. I have as many people tell me they want a thinner neck as I do that say they want a fatter neck so there is some personal preference involved when purchasing a guitar.
  3. You are absolutely right Avenger, that is why I edited my statement. I was trying to make a play on words with the apples thing and the hand cramp thing was out of line. I apologize. Not to mention I can't type worth a crap either.
  4. To answer some questions, concerns or misinformed opinions: The fretboard is made of stainless steel and the neck is made of wood. The neck is constructed no different than any traditional guitar except for the fact that it is thinner. There is dual action truss rod functionality, that is where the truss rod cover comes in, it covers the truss rod nut. It is a newly engineered fretboard and truss rod under patent review. The rivets are merely for show and act as the fret markers. The frets are 1/8" stainless steel which provides a scalloped fretboard feature. This guitar is no different than any other guitar, it is stable, tested, playable, made of wood, and yes, thin. Why so thin, because it is a test on the limitations of how thin and strong a neck can be and yes while I do agree that it is extreme, it is complete personal preference. Why does anyone like thick necks, or the color blue? Before posting this I knew it would spark some interesting feedback as it is highly unconventional but I do appreciate the time everyone has taken to comment on this.
  5. I have read several posts concerning how thin a guitar can be. This should change your perception of what is possible and help you think outside of the box. The neck is .625" including the fret height. There is a Dunlop Jazz III pick for scale in the second picture. Click here to see the World's Thinnest Guitar neck, the Ragas Razor Neck
  6. I totally understand, this "company" is not about making money right now, so I really don't consider myself a true professional, as it may seem implied, I am up front to anyone willing to get work from me that I am not a full time company, I do this to help get my name out until I get the money on my own to start the company, everything is legit. I even take small payments and post pictures for any "client" as work gets done so they know I am not trying to steal their money and so they can actually see their money get turned into materials. This is just a way to get people to recognize the name as it will be in the future and it even says on my site this is a business that is trying to get its start. Besides its easier to make guitars when other people have money for materials. I can only do them as I get money for myself. Just a way to help build up a body of work and a clientel which it takes to get started even though there is no money made, its a good investment for the future. Also I use the strings and tunings each person uses and do a proper set up job on the guitar before it goes out.
  7. My website implies that I offer my services to other people, I only work on one guitar at a time since that is all I have time to do and it takes me a while since I have another job. I have built guitars for cost of materials, not making money does not make you a pro even if someone pays for materials.
  8. That's good to hear you say that, thats all I was trying to say, but I had to say it twice so you would understand it was not a factory guitar. Didn't mean to cause so much crap but things happen as they will, thats the beauty of a forum, can't be the way you want it all the time. On a side note, as for not filling the grain, many companies don't always fill the grain, take warwick basses for example, they don't always fill the grain, they leave it as natural as possible. So saying a finish is not professional cause the grain is not filled doesn't mean squat to me, it can be done, just not popular, gloss is the in thing. I just feel that some things are said in an uneducated way, with assumptions being made without finding out the proper information, that can be taken as an insult very easily. As for being a sore loser, any extra votes I would get won't make a difference, I don't care about that, it's the assumptions that were being made about my work that bothered me. I am in no way a professional yet, I do good work, and I also do work for other people, that doesn't make me a professional. But there are ways to say things, like saying that a guitar is crap cause there is no grain filler is a bad way to make friends, asking why someone didn't use a grain filler is a better way to make a comment and get information. Thanks for all the comments either way, whether destructive or constructive criticism. And if anyone can tell my site is horrible, and I can only put pictures that are so big on the site cause its free.
  9. I am referring to everyone's work, I don't care if I win or lose I am just making a general statement about people. There a a lot of people around the world who love my work and yes I do things differently sometimes, like not filling the grain to keep a natural look, and the scrape is actually sanded all the way around the fretboard to give it a little border, pictures and site suck but I have no money to build full time. I was just making a comment about someone in particular cause there was a false assumption about my work made twice by the same person. As for everyone else I was just venting about stupidity. Yes the guitar was built for me, I love it and it doesn't matter I just like to vent sometimes about stupd things, has nothing to do with the contest. I have called people stupid in other parts of this forum before because people do ask and say dumb things all the time.
  10. You are an idiot. I made a comment meaning I did build my own neck, so I took it as an insult. The fretboard is stained and I removed the stain to mark the frets after masking it off. The picture may not be the greatest but if you see the closeup of the fretboard you will notice the grain runs through the fret markers, not filled in. If you ask you will get the answers you need. It's just that I am saying something now about how people vote cause I am in the GOTM this month and most people make stupid assumptions and have stupid ways of voting but thats everyone's right. Like whoever said a fretless is beyond their skills so they didn't vote for it, that's just stupid, don't take out your lack of skill on the rest of us, or voting cause someone used a color you don't like. I just think most people miss the point of custom guitars. Everyone this month and most months for that matter are very well built and beautiful instruments and I think there are too many idiots who seem to miss that and have to give their reasoning for voting. I'd rather not get any votes and not hear the reasoning for it than to hear all these stupid reasons for voting. And if a guitar looks too metal for you it's probably because that was the intention.
  11. All mahogany neck through fretless V bocote fretboard natural finish 25.5" scale length Custom bocote bridge with ebony insert and carbon fiber saddle Emg 85 On/Off switch LARGER PICTURES
  12. Don't even try to expect a solid answer in a few sentences on copyright infringement. There are so many loopholes, laws, and new changing court decisions that turn up everyday, after the internet got big all these things multiplied exponentially. Unless you put a Fender logo on a guitar you built and try to sell it as a Fender they probably won't care. If you plan on trying to get a patent, trademark or sue someone for infringement, make sure you have money and a good patent attorney, don't even try to do it alone unless you are a patent attorney. Besides there are so many rip off companies in existence that try to duplicate the PRS look and they change a minor little thing and they can get away with it, I say be original and different and avoid all this crap all together. Also after enough years pass on some things are considered "generic" and become impossible to sue on infringement and anyone can use. Almost like asking for a Kleenex when you need to blow your nose, that is a product name, it is a tissue but Kleenex has made it into our brains as the generic name for a tissue so if someone said Kleenex in a movie without their consent there is really nothing they could do about it. That's basic but kinda explains how many companies can get away with "copies" of other guitars. If you really want to know as much as possible go enroll in college for a patent law degree, there is just too much info.
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