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  1. i voted for toddlers because its so nice and shiny. I like shiny. i very nearly voted for ragas' though. all the entries were great though
  2. I woulda voted for the LP, but it didnt have a figured top, and im a sucker for figured woods. Go Matt!
  3. dont think thats perlecent, casue thats just the shiny metallic kinda colour. they are called 2 toned paints i believe. i dont know anything bout them really though, sorry.
  4. has to be the doubleneck strat id say, just so....interesting. and those fretboards are nice as
  5. rw/rp = reverse wound/ reverse polarity i would guess. basically it causes the induced currents (hum) to cancel eachother because they travel in oposing directions in each coil. (i think)
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