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  1. For Sale Set of 12 string Grover USA tuners Nice shape. Make offer. Trades for other parts considered. Sorry not the greatest picture. the orange in the photo is a glare from the flash it is not a blemish. PM me.
  2. For metal don't overlook the Gibson 500T and the 496R
  3. I have been told by some experinced guitar tweekers the star grounding system does not help single coil hum.
  4. I really like my Budda amp. It will do everything from nice shimering cleans to Marshall crunch, no pedals needed. Its only 18 watts but its loud enough to shake the house.
  5. If he shows interest later I'll build him a mini scale one. I might be building 2 because my daughter now 3 yrs is pretty interested also. I don't think the clear coat is non toxic but he's done chewing on things anyhow.
  6. I just finished this for my 2 year old son. He loves to turn knobs and flip switches on my guitars. I gave him an old guitar neck one day when he was in my shop and he played with it for weeks, he thought it was the greatest thing. So I got the idea to make a toy guitar for him with a couple of old pots and a switch and my wife gave it a paint job. It turned out pretty cool.
  7. I just finished redoing this one, New neck, Rio Grande TX/BBQ pickups and new finish. It plays very sweet.
  8. No snow here in northern Minnesota yet. Its only a matter of time though. I hate winter also every year older I get the more I hurt during the winter months.
  9. Iv'e been thinking about buying a mini lathe for my shop but I'm not really sure what to look for in a lathe. I want a good one. So far I have looked at Jet and Delta. Does anyone have suggestions for brands and features to look for?
  10. I used it for a PRS style body. A little chambering lightens it up nicely. If you dig around the wood pile a while you can find some beautiful grain, some even flaimed. I wouldn't call it overly bright either,it sounds great with humbuckers. It works great for necks it is tough as nails. My neighbor who is a logger has been looking for a big black ash burl for me. I'm not sure what it will look like or if it will work for a top but I'll saw it up and let it dry and go from there.
  11. Thanks, It should look pretty cool. I would just cover the part that sticks out past the body but it would be hard to match it up and get a good fit. Way easyer to do before I glue the neck in also.
  12. I was wondering if capping the whole back of the heal on a glue in solid body neck with a thin piece 1/8 or less of contrasting wood will be ok or will it weaken the joint? I like the way it looks on my acoustic and thought it would look cool with a piece of walnut covering the heal on the mahogany neck I'm building.
  13. I have a Washburn Idol 66 Pro with Duncans a custom [bridge] and a 59 [neck]. I don't mean to offend anyone but to me they just seem to lack low end punch.
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