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  1. Thanks for clearing that up about the Gizmotron, lovekraft... I'd remembered later that Arp bought Musitronics...and then subsequently went bust over the Arp Avatar guitar synth fiasco.. If ARP had acted quickly enough they could have targeted those Avatars at keyboard players as well...they were after all, just keyboardless versions of an ARP Odyssey...with a hex pickup section (that worked badly) Because they had CV and gate inputs they worked fine as a synth expander (I had a few in my synth studio) Then to save their bacon, ARP threw all their resources into the Chroma poly-synth...which was a great synth...but it was too late.They ended up selling all Chroma rights to CBS in an effort to stay afloat I'm not surprised the Gizmotron failed...it was just too ricketty and plastic...it looked like it was gonna break at any minute...heh
  2. Hi Pete, sounds like you're getting it all happening with the sustainer..great I haven't read the whole thread but I'll get to it... I remembered on the first Roland guitar synth they used 6 tape recorder heads for the hex pickup...I don't know if this info's of any use, but I just thought I'd mention it...maybe they could be used as drivers, they do focus the field in a more concentrated fashion...probably not powerful enough, though... lovekraft, I'm sure Godley and Creme were producing Gizmotrons in some quantity...I remember trying one in a shop in Australia back then...I think the reason they stopped was because the company producing them (Musitronics) went bust....(probably from tooling up for it and not selling 'em quickly enough) The things worked OK...but I think people were reluctant 'cos they were a bit cheap and plasticy looking...especially in comparison to the Mutron effect boxes the company was making at the time... Peace
  3. I agree with Mr Churchyard, I'm gonna pick as if I'm gettin' the guitar for free (but not to resell...heh) The Ragas is nice, and I've always wanted a fretless, but I like guitars I can sit on my leg when I play... toddlers is a great design and finish...very nice indeed. I wonder about the weight though with that maple cap and I like to have a neck pickup... the Ormsby probably a great playing guitar, but I've never liked those big scratchplates on Tele's Matt's has got nice woodwork, probably nice 'n light, will play nice sitting down, has a neck pickup...and it's a 7-string ! I'm going for Matt's...I don't mind the headstock
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