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  1. If you're gonna ask, I'll give up my thoughts. But you give up the right to be mad about them.... Yeah! that's what I am talking about! I am here to learn, and anybody who thinks and cares about this stuff enough to post over 4K times has my ear. Avenger, your comments are spot on. Thanks for the thoughtful review!
  2. Very nice work! After you rough cut the body with your band saw, what method did you use to do the final shaping, e.g., template and pattern router bit, drum sander, etc?
  3. Bosch jigsaw - 1590 EVS (corded) outstanding Makita drill - LxT (18v lithium-ion cordless) outstanding Ryobi router - RL180 2-hp plunge router. Gets the job done for the price, but I will probably go with a higher end brand next time.
  4. My congrats to anybody on this site who is willing to put their work out to a community with so much talent. Whether you are a professional builder or hobbiest, this endeavor is fraught with the "workmanship of risk" vs. the "workmanship of certainty" (Pye,1995). Thanks to those providing feedback (come on Avenger, your critiques don't ruffle that many feathers - do they?!). Wez and Swede, your points are well taken. This was my very 1st build, done some years ago, and was as complex a build (laminations, body carving, etc.) as my skills allowed at that time. I will, however, be taking that advice and incorporating it in the next bass build. This month I was torn between Swede's and Scatter Lee's. For me though, the simplicity of Scatter Lee's build got the upper hand. I have a soft spot for Jr's/Specials and it would be the guitar I would reach for more often. Cheers - Greg
  5. Erebus AJ Bass Carl Thompson inspired scroll Rosewood top with rosewood headstock veneer Mahogany back Maple neck with ebony fretboard Lane Poor soap bar pickup Leo Quan Bad Ass bridge Carvin tuners Cheers - Hydrogeoman a few more pics: Front Front 2 Back
  6. This is "The Pete." Built for a dear friend and inspired by the Giffin/Schecter telecasters Pete Townshend used to play back in the 80s. Pure rock and roll. The Specs: Alder body Curly maple neck with purpleheart center/accents and birdseye maple fretboard Hand wound Kent Armstrong Z-Plus humbuckers. These are exact copies of the pups Kent used to wind for Pete. Mr. Armstrong was kind enough to wind this set for me. Sperzel tuners Mighty Mite hardtail Graphtec nut Nitrocellulose finish Cheers, Greg and a few more clickies....... Top Back of neck Fretboard Back Roll the dice Another angle of the top/neck join Another angle of the back One more look at the neck
  7. Erebus model "T" - It has been a while since I entered a guitar, so here goes. This is your basic tele made from walnut and maple. In keeping with a"green/sustainablility" theme, the body is from a plank of wood found in an old military building that was slated for demolition. It had a few knots, but I was able to work around most of them, the main one lying directly under the control cavity. Here are the specs: 3 piece curly maple neck w/ birdseye maple fretboard American walnut 2 piece body Grover tuners Wilkinson compensated tele bridge GHS pups Gold pearl headstock inlays Golden orange shellac finish with clear nitro clear coat over the shellac. out Greg Here are a few more pics: Fretboard Back of neck Headstock inlays Back of headstock Full frontal Full backside One for the road
  8. Hi All, just finished this one this month. I'll call it the P-90 tele. I know, pretty unimaginative name. This was built from a mahogany board a friend found laying in the middle of the road right after a truck ran over it. It had some dings and cracks, but there was enough of it intact to make a 5-piece body (2-piece top and 3-piece back sandwiched together) and most of the neck. It is a bit of a hybrid with the P-90s, wrap-around bridge, and neck angle of 1 degree. Here are the specs/details: 5-piece Honduras mahogany body 3-piece mahogany/curly maple/mahogany neck with birdseye maple fretboard ebony headstock inlay set in red "play sand" mixed into epoxy (long story) Cavity cover with magnets instead of screws J.S. Moore P-90 pups (10k neck, 11k bridge) Cherry red nitrocellulose lacquer finish (McFaddens) Thanks for looking Cheers - Greg Here are a few more links to pics: Back of body Fretboard Top different angle Neck joint Full shot
  9. Thought I would try this again this month. Here is my 2nd complete guitar made, named Erebus 03, made for a friend who It has a 24" scale length and the Jaguar style body was made slightly smaller than an original. The headstock is larger than an original Jag and is shaped differently (although it is not so apparent in the photos). Here are the specs: Alder body Curly maple and purpleheart neck, 9.5" radius on the birdseye maple fretboard Hand-wound Kent Armstrong pickups (love the tone from these, I asked Kent to go for a "maximum twang" and these deliver) Gotoh locking tuners Nitrocellulose pickguard Graphtech nut Orange shellac finish under McFadden's nitro-lacquer clear coats Cheers - Greg Some more pics: Top Top up close Back of neck and heel Back up close Top - different angle Top up close - different angle Back w/neck figure
  10. This is my first complete build. It is called the Erebus VR. It was built for a very talented and long time friend - VR. Here are the specs: Les Paul Jr double-cut style 2-piece mahogany body mahogany-purpleheart-mahogany (fat) neck with ebony peghead straps, and heel cap birdseye maple fretboard, ebony 12th fret initials Kent Armstrong coil tapped P-90 (10k - 7.5k ohm) pickup Wilkinson bridge Grover Imperial tuners dual action truss rod Paua abalone inlay ebony cavity cover held in place with neodymium magnets nitrocellulose laquer finish Cheers - Greg A few more shots: Double cut Top Volute Another top shot
  11. Buy the Gibson now so you can learn to play with a quality instrument. Spend a lot of time learning as much as you can from this forum and elsewhere (Melvyn Hiscock's book for starters). You are going to have to invest a fair amount of money in tools just to get started (and if you are like a lot of us here, you will get addicted to adding to your tool collection as well and end up literally spending a fortune). After learning a little about what is involved and it still interests you, save a little more cash and GO FOR IT! In the meantime, you will have a great guitar to play while you are making your first creation. Just my 2 cents
  12. How do you deal with the "fuzziness" of the laser light? Or do I just have a cheap laser?
  13. +1 I think I am going to try Mattia's approach on my next build. I have an inexpensive laser (the kind that shoots a visible straight line across a flat surface) and used it to align the neck like this: Laser Alignment I found that my neck pockets were close, but not perfect. The problem I have with the laser is that it does not shoot a perfectly sharp line. The light beam is a bit fuzzy (as you can see on the white card placed in the nut slot on the neck in the pic) , so it is hard to get pin point accuracy with it. It wasn't until I installed the bridge and the strings that I could tell that the alignment was a tad off. May as well use the bridge and strings from the start to know what you are going to end up with.
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