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  1. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Thanks! I quite like the look considering I wasn't going for anything in particular. Cheers! Yeah you're right on the fungus but I'm pretty sure it all vanishes by the time it's all dried out. I've not heard any safety notifications about it but I tend to treat any and all wood dust as deadly - I'm also an asthmatic so I use a respirator and keep dust under control as much as possible. Apparently the Tasmanian Blackwood I'm working with on my other project is the worst - at least so I'm told. Best avoid breathing anything that isn't air I'd say.
  2. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Getting closer to the finish line on this one, have coated with poly and buffed out the finish so it's getting nice and glassy (and slippery) The neck is coming along too, the Tas oak has darkened up quite a bit and looks pretty good with the rest of the wood I think. It certainly has some heft to it now when all bolted together but nothing too bad. I've turned some attention to the electronics, I think I'll run parallel switching on both humbuckers via push pull pots. Fancy!
  3. bokchoi77

    Turner Model 1 replica

    Hey, it's just some 5mm MDF and it's wildly inaccurate, I'm just using it for an angle gauge. You'd be much better off with one of the many other templates out there.
  4. bokchoi77

    Turner Model 1 replica

    Thanks guys I'm pretty interested to see how it turns out myself. Got a little bit done on the neck this weekend, got the scarf joint done and roughed out the headstock. It's been a neck focused weekend, with the telecaster neck in the finishing stages too.
  5. bokchoi77

    Turner Model 1 replica

    I hope so, it's a nice bit of wood! I've read your thread quite a few times as a guide! I've not found anyone else who's tried to build one. Thanks man, hopefully I can do it justice.
  6. So for my second full build I'm going for a replica of the Turner Model one, as played by Lindsey Buckingham! I've admired this one since "The Dance" first came out. I recall attempting to replicate the tone with my Samick Les Paul in the band I was in back in the day... I grabbed some Tas Blackwood for this one as I've read it goes close to Mahogany, and I'm liking using local timbers. A bit of work on the planer getting the wood flat and thickessed. For the neck I've laminated some merbau between Blackwood, Hopefully it'll work nicely... Glue up, some bandsawing then a relaxing time with the hand plane flattening it out.
  7. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Fret dots arrived today so I got em installed and banged in the frets too. a couple of slightly high ones but overall pretty happy with it
  8. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Small update, I've been refining the neck, I'm amazed at how well it seems to be coming along for a first go, The wood seems to be pretty forgiving. I've got the side dots installed and the holes drilled for the tuning heads, mostly been working out the high spots and the tool marks. I'm looking forward to fretting it when the marker dots arrive.... In other news, I wandered down to the local wood supplier and picked up some blackwood for the next build I have planned...
  9. bokchoi77

    Bass in Yo Face

    Ahh cool, Blackmans Bay myself so not far apart really! should definitely try to catch up one of these days! Yeah I couldn't manage properly cold climates I don't think, I'd happily be on the Gold Coast right now!
  10. bokchoi77

    JimF's First Build!

    I like the look of the woods on this one, keen to see how it turns out. You could always make a ghetto axe out of the practice body rather than bin it!
  11. bokchoi77

    Bass in Yo Face

    Loving this, the idea of CNC appeals to me, being a software dev in my day job. How is the weather where you are? It's freaking cold down here, by our standards, I literally snapped in half when out in the workshop earlier!
  12. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Just a couple of mock up pics before I scurried inside out of the cold!
  13. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    I have indeed, that's where I got the Sassafras and the Myrtle for the body, they were in the wobbly board section, I've played things safe financially for my first attempt, but that said, I've found everything to be great to work with, a session with the planer thicknesser sorted out the warps on the boards too. Love that Shoestring build - I've read through it before, I suspect it was one of the sources for Tas Oak and Merbau sticking in my brain as OK. In other news I got into the carve today, I felt it went pretty well using the facet method... Still a bit of fine tuning to do but I'm pleased with how it's progressing for a first crack!
  14. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    Sure was, almost summer like! Still not enough hours in the day though... The neck is a Bunnings special, Tas Oak for the neck and Merbau for the fretboard. Oddly enough the local (Kingston) has both of these cut to really convenient sizes for necks on a pallet.... From what I've read these timbers should be OK, the merbau is certainly nice and hard.
  15. bokchoi77

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    So I've basically just been layering up poly on the body, no interesting pics of that, but I did dip my toe into neck building - I Originally intended to go with the purchased neck on this one, but thought if I can even just copy that one for my first go, I can have a completely self built instrument. I messed about with a few jig ideas but this setup seemed to be simple and effective... All clamped up, next step will be the carve!