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  1. Drak - do I have this right? In your pics: for example, the tele looks like you dyed it purple, sanded back and then dyed it blue? Is that what you're trying to show with those? But it looks like you have black in there too. I am confused about what the sequence is supposed to be showing. However, the end result looks great as usual.
  2. It definitely has a couple of places where it is brown. Not bad, but I have been wondering all along what effect they may have. I believe I will try the bleach. I'll head to Lowe's tomorrow and pick some up. Thanks everyone for your input. I always get great advise here.
  3. Alright, thanks, I will keep looking for the wood bleach.
  4. Home Depot didn't carry the Wood Bleach. I know you mentioned Wood Bleach for a reason, but will diluted house-hold bleach work at all?
  5. Drak, both powders are from ReRanch. The label says Transfast, Homestead Finishing Products. The black powder is alchol soluble and the blue is water soluble. I have laquer thinner, but no denatured alcohol. If I can achieve your results with these two, I will give it a go. But if you say it won't work, I will just reorder some new stuff. I am just being careful since I only have a few small scraps left. Again, thanks for your help. This guitar is for a friend of mine and I want it to look killer.
  6. Thanks Drak. I have seen your work in the past and I know you are the king of making a quilt come alive and was hoping you could help me with your recipe. I know you have posted it before. I just wasn't able to find the right thread. In some of your posts, you mention using metalics from Stewmac. Do you think that is necessary here? I am asking because it looks like I will have to reorder something. I have the blue water-based dye right now. I also have some black alcohol dye, but since they aren't both water-soluable, I might get some funky results.
  7. The scrap I am using isn't representative of what is actually on the guitar - the guitar definitely has a better quilt. Ok, refining the method a bit. - How far back do you sand after applying the black? - After the black, how many coats of blue? - Please tell me what grit works best for doing this? Thanks.
  8. Ok, I know this has been covered before by Drak and others, but I cannot seem to find the right threads. Here is exactly what I am trying to achieve: blue_matteo sample I am practicing on scrap, but am running out of scraps. I have the blue powder dye from ReRanch and this is what I have after staining once, sanding back with 220 grit and then staining again. Granted, it doesn't have any laquer on it yet, but I don't think I am headed in the right direction. Questions: - Do you sand back more than once? - Are you supposed to use a finer grit than 220? - I know some people start off with a black dye, but looking at the blue_matteo sample from PRS, do you think that is how they achieved this effect? Thanks for any help, I want to make this quilt look great.
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