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neck through bass

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im planning to make a neck trough bass. but after seeing BASEYS photo forum i have one question.

when making a neck through,does the center of the body have to be 2 pieces like BASEY did?

cant it be just one long piece of wood forming the neck and going through the body

without any other pieces of wood on top or underneath it?

see this topic for baseys design if you dont know what i mean: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...topic=4373&st=0

thank you

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I think you're referring to the fact that basey's neck extension has a piece added to make it the full body thickness that matches the back. Primal's neck thru used this same technique.

No, you don't have to do this. The Pros of it are:

The back is solid and matching wood

The laminated part is only 1" thick, simplifying the neck carving (no bandsawing needed)


One more piece to glue together.

If you make a mistake gluing (wrong length, shifts from too little clamping) youre in trouble (same goes for bandsawing a 2 incher though)

It just doesn't look as cool!


Now is that neat or what?!!

(it's also around $20K :DB) )

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