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Hi Guys. here's the scenario.

I use the monitor out from my PA mixer amp to feed my in-ear monitor system. However, the output of the amp is too hot for the in-ear - even when turned right down I get distortion and have to keep the input level of the in-ear to an almost off position.

I believe that soldering a resistor across the hot and ground contacts of the jack used would drop the level somewhat - but what resistance should I go for?

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Try using a 10k audio pot from hot to ground, and take the signal from the wiper to your monitor input, so you can adjust it to suit you. Remember that the monitor out signal is hot enough to drive a power amp directly, so you'll need to pad it down a bit to feed a preamp. Our mixer has a low level send from the monitor/FX buss (-10dBM, I think) that we use to feed our in-ears. I'd also strongly suggest some kind of peak limiter in the signal chain for insurance. Glad to see somebody else using in-ears - they've just about eliminated all our feedback problems even in the most evil venues, and i can finally hear myself (that's not always a good thing, but it'll get better :D ).

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I'll try that - great suggestion! Many thanks.

I've been using some sort of in-ears for a few years now - and I have to say they are without doubt the best bit of kit I've ever had - bar none - for exactly the reasons you give! They're also great on those nights where youcan never seem to hear ordinary wedges - it's just there right in your head!

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