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Woods to use on first project


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Hi all, I've decided to scrap my frankenstein 335 project in favor of a "from scratch" guitar. Currently I don't have a bandsaw so I'll be cutting the body by hand, and I have little routing experience. Given this, what woods are easier to work with? I'm not sure I'm ready to ruin some nice mahogany and maple blanks (yet!) But I don't want to dump hundreds of hours into plywood either. A little advice is appreciated! :D

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Poplar, Basswood or even some forms of Ash...........

Maple is pretty bright to begin with (tone wise) and a highly dense wood so it will literally kill blades if your not use to working with it. Mahogany is a little more forgiving once your ready to work with it.

I take it eventually your going for a maple top with mahogany back :D

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