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Ibanez edge trem system

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Hey everyone,

I have a previously owned Ibanez RG520 guitar with an edge trem. I've found it really a pain when I have to change strings because the saddle/string lock screws are deep inside the trem cavity so it's nearly impossible to get a good angle to unscrew them with an allen wrench. I recently found this site with info on setting up Ibanez trems, here's the link .... http://www.jemsite.com/tech/t_1setup.htm If you scroll down past the lo pro trem diagram it has a picture of the edge trem system and it shows the string/saddle lock screws well above the trem cavity. Is this the way the edge trem system is supposed to be set up in an RG body? If so, then what can I do to get my trem to fit like that? I cant see how I could balance my trem system like that by just doing some minor string adjustments or changing string gauge. Btw, I'm using size 10 strings and my trem has 3 spring coils. Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.


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if i understood correctly, it seems your main problem may be that the claw on the back in the trem cavity may be screwed in too far

but i've never had an edge, i think i know how they generally work though, i have the lo pro edge which is very similar

they're the same except for shape and fine tuner placement right?

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