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Improvised Router


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Hello all,

If your on a budget and are trying to decide if you should buy a router or an electric drill, take a look at the link provided.

You could probably build a drill press out of it with some mods to the base.

What is your favorite improvised tool?

Well anyhow thought some would enjoy the page, its amusing to say the least...


Amusing, but not recommended. As noted on the page, router bits are required to run *much* faster than the maximum speed on a drill, the accuracy of any setup like that it liable to decidedly shaky, using it for any kind of high torque routing would like ly lead to it self desructing (nails?! Not screws!?), and most importatnly...

...Routers don't cost any where near as much as the article suggests! The guy could have spent $50 on a perfectly serviceable hobby rated router, and quite possibly got the roundover cutter included too.

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