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Craftsman 3-D sander


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Hey has anyone used the Craftsman 3-D sander

I thought it looked like a nifty tool for sanding the back of the neck

Plus it can sand flat surfaces too so I'm thinking of buying it to replace my junky palm sander

The only problem with it that I see is you would have to buy lots of the special sand paper

Craftsman 3-D sander

QVC has some cheap craftsman tools

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If you remember back to the Strat pictorial, I showed how we carved the back of the neck.


Then, we used a 3D Sander to smooth it out.



It works great for sanding it out, but the only problem I have seen is that the wheels have a tendancy to fall off sometimes. It's no big deal as they will press back in, but it can be a bit of a headache at times. Just keep the sander moving and you shouldn't lose your contour. You can also use it to clean up a guitar body carving.

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