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help with BSB finish


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i was wondering if anybody could help me achieve a burnt finish similar to the jem BSB. i have seen the tutorial on how to burn the wood but i was wondering what i should use for staining the wood.

does the wood have to be prepared in any way? (wood filler)

anything speacial about the finish since it doesnt have a clearcoat? (at least i dont remember it having a clear coat)

sorry if these are, for a lack of better words, stupid questions, but im a novice working on my first guitarra.

thanx for all the help

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Actually to get a more uniform finish before you stain it make sure that all of the sealer is off the wood if possible. Typical sanding sealer drys clear and while some really take a stain well, others don't and will cause you to have blotches of off color B) Yeah been there/done that before.

The stain your after is actually Minwax brand "Deep Hunter Green" :D Remembered that from the Obscure Tech tips thread............

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