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Hi Guys,

I've just recently finished my first build. but I'm having trouble getting the action low enough for it to be truly playable (by my standards - I like as low an action as possible).

It's a Warmoth neck, brand new, and I would expect it to get pretty low without needing any fretwork, or am I being naive?

The truss rod seems to be adjusted correctly, I've filed down the nut as low as I dare but still, it's pretty hard to play.

Does anyone have any other tips for lowering action on a new guitar? It sounds amazing and I really want to use it as my first guitar, but as it stands I can play twice as fast on my Gordon Smith.

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah a shim just replicates the problem at a different string angle. I'm trying to avoid having it fret levelled as this sounds pricey, and what with it being a brand new neck I was kinda hoping it wouldn't be necessary.

I understand a lot of players use high action and that it has it's benefits, but for the style and speed I like to play, I need a lower action. I'm just a bit worried that I've built a guitar I won't be able to happily play.

Lucky1 - thanks for your in depth advice - it's all duly noted!

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Lucky1 - you're awesome man! I really appreciate your advice and support, and you're right - if I'm serious about building guitars (which I am), I'm going to have to learn about fretwork sooner or later, and let's face it - if I bugger up the neck all I have to do is buy another one, it won't trash the entire guitar will it?

So after sleeping on the problem, you're right - before I started I doubted I could even wire up a pickup, let alone build a guitar that plays at all! Me and the guitar are just going to have to get to know each other a bit better and I'll keep tweaking away.

Oh and camcool - the tru-oil is great! Starting to get a little buckle rash in the back (and I take my belt off before playing, so that's probably from my jeans button through a t-shirt) so it's still a pretty soft finish, but it looks great and my study/studio/workshop STILL smells of it!

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