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Single Coil Mounting rings


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I'm using a set of single coil strat pickups in my guitar. It's not going to have a pickguard, I was wondering what I should mount them in. I was thinking maybe sheet steel but wouldn't that interfeer with the pickups.

while I'm here, I got the pickups in a White/Black/White pickguard originally from WD music, I'm gonna either sell this or a plain black pickguard off my Kramer Focus strat copy because they are interchangable. Which one would go for more.

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You can direct-mount them, and eliminate the need for rings all together - these are the threads I bookmarked on direct-mounting:







Or you can make rings in any size, shape and material that you'd like - one of my favorite old-school customs had inset polished brass rings on an oiled walnut Strat body. Steel might be a problem, since it could interact with the pickup magnets, but I have no info to that effect, so it might not be a problem.

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I've never seen a picture of direct mounted singles... wouldn't it leave a big space from the tab that goes around the pickup? I'm probably leaning more towards the pickup mounting rings. Unless I'm mistaken they function like a partial pickguard so you can raise and lower the pickups easily

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