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Some questions reguarding blocking and routing

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Firstly I would like to apologise for not having any actual pictures to demonstrate what I am trying to fix... I don't have a digital camera.

Anyhoo, here’s the situation. I have acquired a mahogany body. Its previous owner seems to have tried to route the pickups by hand (without a template) and has got it all quite wrong. Also, the body was originally drilled for a hard-tail Les Paul style, but since the body is a Jem copy with an all access joint, I thought I would fit it with a decent Floyd or Low-Pro. The only real problem I have with this is that the bridge pickup is routed in completely the wrong place (further down the body than Jem – nearer the pots). I am wondering if it is worth blocking up the cavity and attempting to route it properly (the pick guard would cover the other stuff-ups). If done properly, would this affect the chances of fitting the floating tremolo (the posts would be fairly close to the blocking…would this weaken the area)? Any thoughts...

I’ve included a pic of the current state of the body. The red is where the cavity was placed, rather wrong if you ask me :D :


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Thats pretty much what I was going to do. I was just finding out if the tremolo was do-able considering the blocks proximity to the future post holes.

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could be fun... :D the edges of the cavity are rather rounded, but I'll give it a try. Just takes more sanding to fit B)

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