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??pu selector??


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i got a yamaha that i got for my 12th bday, and ive used it so much over the years, the pu selector is really messed up. if i switch it to bridge, it works fine, but if i turn it towards the neck, it starts to lose any sound that it used to have. like i have my metal master pedal on full blast, and if i switch it to the middle position, it sounds like im using a weak overdrive pedal. any ideas, please share. and if ya need more description on pu's and all that, ask for em, bcuz iono what to tell ya.

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Have you tried cleaning the switch? If the problem has developed over time, it's probably related to dirty contacts somewhere. Get some color TV tuner cleaner at Radio Shack, spray a small amount into the switch, and cycle the switch through all its positions a few times. Some people use Deoxit and other contact cleaners with great success, but I have had problems in the past with heavy-duty contact cleaners causing problems with the pots in some Asian-manufactured guitars, so be careful or be prepared to replace pots. If that doesn't fix the problem, try using jumper wires to bypass the switch - if you still have no volume , the problem is somewhere else.

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