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I found the problem but how should I do this?


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Today I finally found what was wrong, how the humbucker was wired. Like when you look at the back of your humbucker, see 2 coils connected, 1 coil grounded and 1 coil hot. The problem was that the 1 coil grounded was well uhm gone. There wasnt a wire there.

So I did that myself. now the neck pick up works but the other doesnt. I know there is something with polarity but how should I wire the bridge humbucker? Oh and what is hot rod wiring??


Yeah I'm a noob..

Thx again :D.


I just found that it doesnt matter and that its only about phase. I'm curious what the problem is then. For some reason there isnt much sound coming from it but I do hear the click when I touch it with metal, and the other pick up does work.. Hmm maybe bad contact?? Suggestions???

Another EDIT

I forgot to ask. Is there a way to measure how much DC resistance the pick up has??

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THere is a way and as fdar as I know it involves an ohm meter. A great place to find out about wiring and stuff is the pup manufacturers forums like the forum at seymourduncan.com Ask around there and your sure to get some answers especialy ask for a few guys like lou and artie to name a few. Around here also there are a good few people taht know what there talking about so you should get some good answers.

EDIT: Multi meter not ohm meter.

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You just need a multimeter to measure resistance:

For 2 conductor, just touch pos-neg probes to the wires; either way, it's only a great big long wire so polarity doesn't matter.

For 4 conductor, touch pos-neg probes to the in and out wires for each coil, and addthe answers together...


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