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Where to get a gutar painted?


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I am wanting to refinish my RG body in an orange metal flake. however i have no spray equipment of my own and usually do refinishing with spray cans. I assumed that an auto body repair shop would be able to do the work, but i phoned around and only one (out of 15 or so) would do the work, and they quoted around $300 to do the work. Does this price seem fair, or is there somewhere i could send the body for refinishing? Or should i be looking for other buisinesses other than auto body repair shops?

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$300 is not bad, GMW won't be any less I'm sure, I'm sure you are talking US funds, I spray metal flake solid color finishes for a little less than that but with shipping it's not bad. HOWEVER, I will caution you, MOST body shops will NOT sand that out and buff it to a perfect finish, it will show orange peel and perhaps even some dust spots.

The other thing is you will have to prep the body for them, 99% of body shops won't prep a wood surface and if they do they probably won't do it correctly.

GMW does nice work although I do know people who have used them and waited up to 18 months.


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