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  1. Not that I ever expect to see these back, but I would like to ask the community to be on the look out. There is a reward. These were taken from the Gig Harbor/Tacoma WA area. 1995 Taylor 612C 1975 Fender Strat (with a very worn maple fretboard) Custom built (by me) Strat copy (finished with metal flake embedded cloth with a blue burst) Custom built (by me) Jazz bass copy (black with pearl pickguard and gold hardware) Washburn D-10 We were scheduled to go to our first studio session this week, but now it's on hold. I haven't been to this forum in a couple years due to writing an
  2. Although I have not been to PG in quite awhile I still have many good memories of the people here who have helped myself and others selflessly. Bill was one of them. I am truly saddened by this news. My condolences to Bill's family. Edit: I just read a Bluespresence passed away as well. This too is sad news. My condolences to his family.
  3. Always sand with the grain if possible. Wet sanding or otherwise.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous. The body is nice and plump, with great curves. Kind of like my wife. But, and I hate to criticize, but it looks like the neck is not aligned well. It looks a little off angle. I hope it is just the pictures. It is on the whole a great job. Especially for a second guitar. Great piece of work.
  5. I am pretty sure cedar will not make a good neck. Too soft and I'm not sure it is stable enough. It is used for some tops on acoustic, but that is the extent of what i've seen it used for.
  6. If you do a few good setups a month it's worth it. Thousandths not 64ths. The gauge is simple to measure with and with tight tolerances.
  7. I adjust my neck and intonation with each string change. Basically a setup each time. If you notice the change when in different tunings you might want to consider a neck adjustment each time (carry the necessary tool with you). I can't stand changes to my action. It messes with my playing style.
  8. Nice hair, but I am a sucker for oysters. Sacred we got to get together someday and eat oysters. Once down in Oysterville (near Longbeach), I at 42 oysters at an all you can eat oyster fest. Needless to say with all the drinking and eating I was a very sick boy on the ride home the next day!
  9. You could try an acoustic kit. Read this. It was a similar question. Here, Here, and Here. I'm sure their are more if you look!
  10. Sounds like this should have been asked in the Electronics chat!
  11. Welcome to the forum. The answer depends on the type (make and manufacturer) of guitar!
  12. ER's store is not generally customer friendly. They don't do a walk in service. You will see lots of guitars, but most will not be setup properly. They told me this because they do the setups after the sale. You will not feel warmth in that store unless you have a bunch of $$ sticking out of your pockets.
  13. You're getting up their Wes. Afraid you'll be one of the men having difficulties? The answer is the fountain of youth---TESTOSTERONE!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Have you read through this section? I haven't read through it in awhile, but some things I've learned is: Correct nut slot height, bridge height, and shimming the neck (if needed) to get a proper angle with the bridge. Here is an indespensible tool for great setups. String action gauge Hope this helps.
  15. Read this. It will give you some idea of how value is percieved. From reading the above there is a lot that detemines value. There is probably not much value in those records, but then again I'm not an expert.
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