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Radical approach to stripping laquer


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This is kinda funny, but it works! I shot another coat of clear laquer on the back of my SG this morning and the results kinda sucked. Was getting more wrinkling in a big way so I just said, screw it, and decided to take it right back to the wood and start over ...again. Gonna just paint the back of the guitar black. Anyway, I grabbed a putty knife and started in while the laquer was still soft. If applied thick enough the laquer will soften all those coats previously laid underneath. I'm pretty much managing to get it scraped right down to the wood in one pass. Who would have thunk that the first step to stripping a guitar would be to apply MORE laquer? I'll let the remains cure then hit it with 120 grit to 600 and shoot again. At least the grain is filled. :D

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