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'62 strat neck

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Hello Everyone, First let me say that I have been reading the posts on this forum for a while, and you are all such kind and considerate people... helping us newbies and indoctrinating us into the wonderful world of guitar building. Your knowledge is priceless!

Here are my questions:

I am starting to build a strat. The body I ordered comes from the B. Hefner Company.

(1) Does anyone have any experience with this company? Do they make good products?

It is just a basic alder body. Supposedly, it is modeled after a '62 strat.

The neck is also from B. Hefner. Solid one piece maple.

(2) If I want to specify the specs of this neck to match the '62 body, what should I ask for. He offers different neck shapes, radiuses, fret size... I want the neck to feel like a '62 neck, but I don't know enough about them to be able to give him the specs I want. Does anyone have any ideas?

I ordered the paint from ReRanch. IT is going to be sonic blue! I love that color.

The neck is unfinished, so I am going to apply some Fender Neck Amber to it, and also a decal that I designed. Here is another question: (3) After I apply the lacquer to the neck, do I polish the neck and fingerboard the same way that I would the body? I.E, Sand with successive grades of wet sand paper. This seems like it would be difficult to do on the fingerboard.

For the pickups, I choose Fender Vintage Noiseless. (4) are these good pickups?

I think that's about it. I really appreciate your help!


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john, i'll do some research and see if i can find the neck specs for you. as to spraying the fret board i don't know for sure but i'd almost bet that in the factory it's done before the frets are applied. back in a bit..

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well i'm not going to be much help i'm afraid. i couldn't find anything on the actual specs. you might try the official fender site and see if they can help. sorry.

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i have heard the name, but i couldnt tell you anything. could you post a link or something, because i am interested in replacement bodies and necks for fenders. as for the fretboard and neck, i have had to finish a maple neck that had frets on it. i put tape over the frets and used a razor knife to make it so the tape only covered the actual fretbeading. i used satin amber stain and nitro which gave it an awesome glow. i did do some wet sanding afterwards but only to get rid of some sploches in the nitro from spraying.

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