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could someone please check that?

what i'm going for is single coil neck, humbucker bridge, w/ a n/both/s select switch on the hum.

as for after the arrows, it should be a volume pot leading to an on/on switch that will choose between 1 tone circuit or another switch that will lead to two more options. i'm planning on using the "first" tone as a high-pass (lead), then the other two will be a mid-pass/high-cut for switching between rock and jazz tones.

EDIT- forgot. i had a question with this, too...

from the left to right, the caps will be a .047 uF, .022 uF, and .01uF. is this right for the ciruit i explained? so the left-most cap (.047uF) will give me a high-cut tone, center (.022uF) will be a mid-pass, and the .01uF on the far right will be a high-pass? also, i was told that i needed a resistor to pair w/ each of those a while ago, but i don't know what the value should be or if i even need them.

so questions are:

are the values correct?

what resistors do i need if any?

thanks in advance!

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Those cap values are too large - try .0047, .0022 and .001µF, and get rid of the resistors completely, and see if it gives you enough bass cut to be useful. If it pops when you switch it, wire a large (ca 5-10 meg) resistor from the switch side of each cap to the volume pot wiper. You might want to add a bypass position so you have the unaffected sound of your guitar available as well.

You could breadboard this or build it in a box and try it with an existing guitar before you install it in your axe, just in case you don't like the results. Tweaking the cap values will give you various bass cutoff frequencies, so play with it to find what you like. The cutoff will also depend on the volume pot setting, so you may find the interaction has interesting side effects. Let us know how it works out - it might be very cool! :D

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one question about that large resistor you spoke of:

would i need 1 that is wired to each, or 3, each cap having their own?

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