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Help Building A Semi-Acoustic


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I need some help. I've been playing guitar for a year now and i have a classical and an elecrtic. What i want to know is how exactly i can pit a pickup (preferably a humbucker actually) into an steel-string acoustic. I love the twang (for lack of a better term) of an acoustic but i love distortion. How can I have my cake and eat it too?

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First remember that you won't get that good of a distorted tone with an acoustic guitar.

Also, acoustics ar every difficult to amplify and keep the original tone.

There are pickups whoich go in the soundhole, I have used these but the cord tends to get in the way.

Alternatively you might be able to install something more permanent.

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well first off, is it a guitar you are building or are you installing this on the aforementioned classical? because a classical wont pick up on a humbucker cause it has nylon strings. second of all, you might get more responses if you post in the hollowbody and acoustic category. and also murphc beat me to the tone part. you seriously wont be able to get the same acoustic qualities like the resonance because a piezo, or in your case a humbucker, will only pickup the vibration of the strings. it wont mic your acoustic properties.

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Hey, thanks for all the replies. Firstly, Im trying to fit a humbucker into an acoustic (steel-string) to get the effect of having an electric guitar. I know that it's possible because I've seen em on tv a couple times (once was during a live performance by nirvana where kurt was using an acoustic with a humbucker in it and the other was the white stripes at last year's mtv awards.)

I thought i could just use this second hand semi-acoustic guitar I saw. It's the kind with a mic inside the body; no pickup. I thought I could fit the humbucker in between the sound hole and the bridge but i run into the problem of there already being one output jack for the mic, and I find myself wondering whether i should just create another jack for the humbucker or use the one from the mic.

What i was really going after was a kind of all-in-one guitar. I didnt really need the acoustic side of the guitar to be amplified; just the humbucker. Basically what I was going after was to create a guitar which I could play as an acoustic (without it being plugged into an amp) and as an electric (plugged into and amp and using the humbucker), not really playing it as both together.

My only problem is how close the strings would be to the humbucker. I think I'd have to either try to raise the bridge or build a rest to place the humbucker deeper into the guitar. Houw much would that affect the acoustics of the guitar itself?

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