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stop bar location/placement

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hey all, i've got a guitar body that i've drilled for a TOM bridge. i'm about to drill the holes for the stop bar, and i've got a distance that i'd LIKE to use (covers a flaw in the top..heh).

my question is:

is the stop tail placement crucial at all? as long as the string path is straight from the stop tail to the TOM/saddle, i can't imagine why it would be.

i've got a diagram (from the stewmac site) that shows the treble side should be 2 3/16" (on center) apart from the treble side TOM post (on center) and 1 15/16" (on center) apart from the bass side TOM post (also on center). this looks very far away, so i measured a few other guitars i have, and the spacing between the TOM and stop tail piece is much shorter. granted, those other guitars are 24 3/4 scale, but i don't see how it should make a difference on intonation, as the string length is determined at where the string breaks over the saddle.

so... whaddya think?



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