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LASER Inlays

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I have been hearing quite a bit regarding the use of lasers for inlay techniques

From what I understand, it is relatively easy & posibilities are limitless

So much so that you can scan a image & have an exact copy done

It sounds too good to be true

Can anyone shed some light on this subject?


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Oh yes the possibilities are almost endless :D

Seriously though what you'll find out is the laser only does half the job for us home/warrior/guitarnut/fanatic's but what it will do is a great wonderful plus.

Look up Plaques or Trophy shops in your Yellow Pages and call around to see who does laser cut (burning) in wood. Then without even thinking about it go and vist them, you will be amazed at what they can do in terms of design as well as clean cutting.

You can have your body cut to a very light depth or go a little deeper and then fill in the cavity with a colored epoxy B)

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