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Bass pickup properties


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Right, I can play a bass, but know much less about the sound properties of different pickups than I do about regular guitars and I was hoping someone could clue me up. I'm just looking for some general summing up for the four main kinds of Bass pickup when used passive. Jazz, Precision, soapbar and stingray/humbucker.

Thanks in advance.....

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That's a really tough question!

The P-Bass has a really warm, full, thumpy rock 'n' roll tone. Think good old rock 'n' roll.

The J-Bass has a thinner sound, bordering on nasal, but it also has great...um... jazz sounds. It's good for slap and pop bassing.

A P-J setup is the most versatile. While you lose a little of the jazzy sound of the J bass, you gain the entire P spectrum. It's very versatile.

Soapbars all vary. Some are simply P basses in boxes or a single J in a big box. Depending on the magnet choice, etc., the possibilities are many and varied.

I'm not too familiar with the Musicman humbucker. I believe it's good for slap and pop, but with a punchier tone than the J-Bass. It also has coil tapping abilities, making it a very versatile pickup.

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hey mikestro! i like your avatar, bassstreet right?

I second what skibum has said. On the soap bars, you can get just about anything out of them, but they are usually active, so are most MM bass pickups.

I think the best passive tone is from Jazz pickups, but that my opnion. P's sound real great, but its hard to get different sounds out of them. Not very much tone control with them ive noticed.

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