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neck finish question


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ok im back to chopping up one of my project guitars, and ive decided id like to skin the neck and replace it with a smoother finish. Its a mahogany neck, so am i correct in believing that i cant leave it unfinished or oiled? To my knowledge an oil finish is still nto enough to prevent warpage. is that correct?

I plan on applying a thin satin finish to the back of the neck, but at this time i dont have an air compressor that is capable of putting out enough psi to spray lacquers(its a cheap one i found in the garage to mess around with my airbrush, only does about 30 psi and overheats quickly). is there anything i could do to the neck temporarily that would make it playable but safe from warpage until i can scrounce up the money to buy my compressor so i can put a finish on?

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